A new gladiator exhibition is launching at Cirencester’s Corinium Museum

The gladiators are coming to the Cotswolds! Get up close to six skeletons at the new Gladiators – A Cemetery of Secrets exhibition and discover their past, at Cirencester’s Corinium Museum from October 2022.

By Zoe Gater  |  Published

Located in the Cotswolds' historic 'capital' Cirencester, the Corinium Museum is set to host an exciting new exhibition, which will give history buffs the chance to get up close to six Roman skeletons and discover their rich history.

Running from Saturday 22 October 2022 until Sunday 23 April 2023, Gladiators – A Cemetery of Secrets will explore the remains of six Roman skeletons and attempt to uncover more about who these people were, where they came from and how they died – raising the question, were they criminals, soldiers, enslaved or even gladiators?

The arrival of these skeletons marks the launch of the Corinium Museum’s Gladiators: A Cemetery of Secrets exhibition, a touring exhibition from The JORVIK Group of Attractions, operators of the award-winning JORVIK Viking Centre.

Dr Katharine Walker, museum director at the Corinium Museum, said: ‘We aim to bring the Roman period to life and invite visitors to engage more closely with it through unique archaeological finds.

‘Whatever their age, they will be able to assess the evidence for themselves through a range of AV material, including facial reconstructions, CT scans, and interviews, and deduce from their findings as to which skeletons were in fact gladiators!’

Plus, there will be gladiator re-enactment days, a gladiator school, a filmed British Sign Language tour of the exhibition, talks, tours, lectures, and lots more historical activities suitable for all ages coming to the Corinium Museum, too.

Book tickets to the Gladiators - A Cemetery of Secrets exhibition by visiting coriniummuseum.org.

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