Gloucester's 'Rainbow Street' artist reveals the location of her latest project

The artist behind Gloucester's 'Rainbow Street' and 'Rainbow Square' has revealed the location of her next project in the city, as she brings her colourful palette to Barton and Tredworth in 2023.

By Chloe Gorman  |  Published
Tash Frootko is bringing her rainbow paints to Barton and Tredworth in 2023. Image © Stuart Doust.

Gloucester is set to get another colourful makeover in 2023, as artist Tash Frootko reveals the location of her next public art project.

Frootko is responsible for Gloucester's 'Rainbow Street' on St Mark Street as well as the 'Rainbow Square' on St Kilda Parade — and has now turned her sights towards Hopewell Street in Barton and Tredworth.

Image © Stuart Doust.

She described Barton and Tredworth as her favourite part of the city, saying: 'The area is such a vibrant and exciting place with a fusion of nationalities, cultures and ethnicities.

'Hopewell Street 2023 is the first in a series of projects in the Barton and Tredworth area and will see 45 houses painted in vivid colours, an art installation, courtyard and alleyway transformations and a huge mural. I have also incorporated the corner of Hopewell Street and Barton Street into the project and I am delighted to announce that it will be decorated by super talented street artist, Sophie Mess.

'The mural will be linked to colourful houses creating a breath-taking canvas for everyone to enjoy and no doubt become Gloucester's newest landmark.

'This will be the fifth transformation I have done in the city of Gloucester. What began as a small row of houses being painted has turned into entire streets and areas of the city being beautified with colour and artwork.'

Having self-funded her previous works in the city, her next two projects are being part-funded by Gloucestershire County Council through the Levelling Up Together fund to help improve 'areas of aesthetic inequality'. 

She first discovered Hopewell Street back in November 2021 because it was one of the worst areas of the city for fly tipping and after forming a bond with the local residents, she said it was 'the obvious choice' for this year's transformation. 

Frootko continued: 'Gloucester has won my heart and I am totally devoted to transforming the look of this city for its residents, who have been overwhelmingly supportive towards me. Colour is key in urban design and our built environments shape how we feel.

'Certain parts of the city have looked run down and unloved for far too long. I can visualise what potential the city has and what positive effects my projects have on people's mental wellbeing and sense of pride for the city. I strongly believe that people should feel inspired by where they live.

'Who wants to live in an area that's dull and uninspiring? We live in a world where there is so much negativity. People want to feel uplifted and proud of where they live. Colour and art can provide that.'

Image © Stuart Doust.

Hopewell Street is home to many families with young children, who are already selecting the colours for their houses. Nine-year-old resident, Emma Walcroft, said: 'I am so excited to see my street turn into a rainbow. I have chosen to have my house painted in my favourite colour purple.'

Barton and Tredworth City and County councillor, Sajid Patel, added: 'Tash is an amazing and extraordinary person. I have seen first-hand her commitment and dedication to voluntarily helping make a positive difference to our communities.

'Her passion and enthusiasm to deliver improvements to our city is unquestionable and her track record speaks for itself. I am excited that Tash has decided to do her next projects in Barton and Tredworth and can’t wait for the work to start. There is already a buzz in the air for what is about to happen.'

Painting is due to take place throughout May 2023. 

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