A new primary school sponsored by The Crypt School is being built in Gloucester

Sponsored by The Crypt School, the brand-new Wheatridge Primary School will provide an education for children in Gloucester’s Matson, Abbeydale and Abbeymead areas as soon as 2023.

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The Wheatridge Primary School is a new free school, expected to open in September 2023.
The Wheatridge Primary School is a new free school, expected to open in September 2023.

The Crypt School has announced that its application to build a new primary school in Gloucester has been approved by the Department for Education, with plans for it to open to some students as early as September 2023.

The news comes as the government announced the first phase of its schools’ transformation programme on Friday 5 February 2021, which will see 21 new free schools built across the UK – including the brand-new Wheatridge Primary School.

The Wheatridge Primary School is expected to deliver more than 400 extra primary school places in Gloucester, serving the growing population of the city’s Matson, Abbeydale and Abbeymead areas.

As a free school, it will deliver an innovative educational programme for local children, from nursery-age through to year 6, delivering a rich curriculum with a particular focus on speaking skills and critical thinking.

Located near the existing secondary school, pupils will be able to make use of The Crypt School’s facilities and resources – with teachers and support staff able to move freely between sites to support children across both schools. With the school set to become part of a new Multi Academy Trust, established by The Crypt School, too.

It is hoped that the new primary school will offer more choice for local families, easing the pressure on other schools in the Gloucester area as the demand for primary school places continues to grow.

For more information, visit cryptschool.org/the-wheatridge-primary-school.

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