It's nearly time to register for Gloucestershire's grammar school entry test

Parents and carers who want their children to be considered for entry to one of Gloucestershire's seven grammar schools next year are being reminded that registration for the county's all-important entrance test opens this May 2024.

By Jake Chown  |  Published
The entrance test for Gloucestershire's seven grammar schools assesses students’ verbal and non-verbal abilities, English skills and mathematics through multiple-choice-style questions.

Grammar schools in Gloucestershire are reminding parents and carers of children currently in Year 5 that registration for the entrance test opens on Monday 20 May 2024.

Places at any of the county's seven grammar schools are gained via academic performance in the entrance test, for which parents and carers must register their child before 12pm on Friday 28 June 2024.

The county's seven grammar schools include two for mixed genders: Pate's Grammar School in Cheltenham and The Crypt School in Gloucester; three for girls aged 11-16 with mixed sixth forms: Stroud High School and Denmark Road and Ribston Hall high schools in Gloucester; and two for boys aged 11-16 with mixed sixth forms: Sir Thomas Rich's School in Gloucester and Marling School in Stroud.

The Gloucestershire schools boast rich histories and famous alumni along with excellent facilities and a sought-after standard of education.

The test itself takes place on Saturday 14 September 2024, with details being sent out to parents and carers on or before Monday 9 September 2024.

The test assesses students’ verbal and non-verbal abilities, English skills and mathematics through multiple-choice-style questions.

In one paper, students are tested on their verbal skills including comprehension, vocabulary and verbal reasoning; while a second test paper assesses non-verbal reasoning and mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding.

To register for the entrance test, parents and carers need to visit any grammar school website and complete an online form, through which they can also request at which school they would like their child to sit the test; note if there are any special educational needs to be considered, along with any medical details regarding their child; and which schools to share their child’s results with.

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