Cotswold pet food company launches raw food range for cats

Keeping Gloucestershire felines well fed, Cotswold RAW has expanded its range of biologically appropriate pet food recipes to include specially-formulated raw food for cats.

By Annabel Lammas  |  Published
Gloucestershire cat owners can follow a natural, biologically appropriate raw diet for their cats with Cotswold RAW's complete meals.

Local pet food producer Cotswold RAW is known for creating nutritious raw food recipes for dogs — and its tasty meals have tails wagging all over Gloucestershire and the UK. 

Now, it's expanded its offering so feline friends can reap the benefits of a raw food diet, too.

Designed to provide a natural and biologically appropriate raw diet for cats, Cotswold RAW has introduced a range of complete meals designed to deliver all the convenience of processed cat food, with all the health benefits of a varied raw diet.

The recipes contain mince made in the Cotswolds, using only fresh ingredients with no artificial additives or high temperature processing. It's also completely grain-free and includes Raw Aid for Cats — a high specification nutritional supplement from specialist animal nutrition brand, GWF Nutrition.

Raw Aid for Cats contains 26 essential daily vitamins and minerals to support a cat's overall health, wellbeing and development; as well as things like their eyesight, immune system and cognitive and heart health. 

Meanwhile, the mince contains raw protein and organ meat packed with all the natural enzymes and essential amino and fatty acids that cats need to stay happy and healthy.

For cat owners, there's a whole host of benefits to making the switch. From improved digestion to healthier skin, teeth and gums, feeding raw can also help cats to maintain a lean body mass; fortify their bones and joints; make their coat shiner; and even balance their temperament. 

Gloucestershire kitties can also enjoy delicious treats from Cotswold RAW, from chowing down on its air-dried rabbit and turkey bites to lapping up its revitalising bone broth, filled with nutritional goodness to support good gut health.

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