Gloucestershire animal charity launches crowdfunding campaign to save it from closure

Teckels Animal Sanctuary in Gloucester is launching a crowdfunding campaign to save the hundreds of animals in its care, with less than two months to reach its fundraising target before it risks having to close its doors for good.

By Maya Horwood  |  Published
A rise in running costs, drop in donations and an influx of animals means Teckels Animal Sanctuary in Whitminster is on its last four legs and needs to raise £100,000 by July 2023.

Gloucester-based Teckels Animal Sanctuary is launching a crowdfunding campaign to save the centre from potential closure. 

The independent animal welfare charity was set up in 2003 and cares for hundreds of homeless cats and dogs in the county, but faces imminent closure in July 2023 unless it can reach its emergency fundraising target of at least £100,000.

Teckels currently has 400 animals in its care, with a mixture of permanent residents who have been saved from the streets or dangerous homes, and pets that come for day-care and overnight boarding.

The animals risk being left in limbo, along with approximately 160 stray dogs in Stroud, as the charity is the current contract holder in charge of providing the Stray Dog Service. 

The charity puts its drastic action down to a nearly 70 per cent rise in electricity costs coupled with a 129 per cent rise in gas prices. As a shelter caring for domestic and stray animals, heating, food storage, washing and medical work are all non-negotiable costs that just can't be cut. Coupled with a reduction in donations, the team now says they 'are close to breaking point.'

According to the RSPCA, nearly 23,000 animals were abandoned by their owners last year. After the short-term rise in pet purchases during the pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis is putting pressure on owners, with that number only set to increase.

Centre manager, Sarah Johnson, said: 'It’s heart breaking to think that we may not be around to help the increasing numbers of unwanted cats and dogs in their time of need. Not only would the closure of Teckels have a huge impact on the staff, the stray animals, and anyone local who needs us, but would also put a massive strain on our colleagues at our neighbouring rescues.'

So far, its GoFundMe page has raised over £72,000, with the charity hoping to reach its £100,000 target by July 2023. 

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