Good oral health is integral to a healthy body and mind, says leading Gloucester dental centre

For many of us, dental health can be an afterthought once an issue has cropped up, but Gloucester-based dental centre, Affinity Dental Care & Implant Centre, says we should plan in regular oral check ups as a priority.

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Regular dental health check ups are crucial for overall health and wellbeing, says Gloucester-based Affinity Dental Care & Implant Centre.

Many people only visit the dentist when they have to, for reasons such as tooth ache or sore gums, but did you know that regular dental check ups are vital for the health of your teeth, body and mind?

According to Affinity Dental Care & Implant Centre, a leading dental centre based in Gloucester, booking a twice-yearly oral examination can help you keep your teeth for longer, increase life expectancy, avoid disease and ensure your wellbeing and self-esteem stay healthy.

Dr Peter Workman, practice owner and clinical director of Affinity Dental Care & Implant Centre, said: 'Dental exams are important because when you find problems early they are easier to treat. At each dental health examination we are looking to see how healthy the mouth is, but also the links with the body. Stress can impact oral health, but so can conditions such as undiagnosed diabetes.'

Oral health provides a window into a person's overall health, providing clues to what may be going on in the rest of the body. Your mouth houses a lot of bacteria (as does the whole body), which is usually harmless, with daily brushing and flossing keeping it under control.

But without good oral hygiene, this bacteria can cause problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. And this has been linked to conditions such as heart disease, cancer and premature birth, and more recently linked to Alzheimer's.

And many people are surprised that mental health is linked to dental health, but studies have shown that if a person's oral health is suffering, this can increase mental health symptoms such as social anxiety or self-esteem issues.

Affinity Dental recommends a check up every six months, but annually as a bare minimum. And to prevent later problems, Dr Workman advises: 'Minimise sugar intake and acidic elements in your diet; brush morning and evening; and floss or use interdental brushes between the teeth before you brush.'

If a patient has any anxiety over visiting the dentist, which is very common, Affinity Dental is very mindful of their needs, and works hard to ensure a welcoming, calm environment where everything is well explained and nothing is carried out without the patient being 100 per cent comfortable.

Dr Workman said: 'We will reassure you — it’s not uncommon to be anxious at the dentist. But you are in control and we will do our very best to alleviate your fears and help you feel more relaxed.' 

Affinity Dental Care & Implant Centre's monthly plans starts at £20.50 per person, but it also offers pay-as-you-go options and printed invoices for claiming back money from health insurance plans.

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