How companionship care is helping Gloucestershire people to stay independent at home

Gloucestershire adults who need extra support at home could benefit from companionship care from Prestbury-based The Bespoke Life – providing everything from help with the shopping and housework to a catch up over a cup of tea, to help them stay independent at home for as long as possible.

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Gloucestershire-based care provider The Bespoke Life tailors its assistance service to give people exactly what they need to stay independent at home for longer.

Mature adults living independently in Gloucestershire might benefit from companionship care from The Bespoke Life, offering a tailored assistance service to give people the support they need to stay independent at home.

The Prestbury-based company provides a friendly, supportive service throughout Cheltenham and the surrounding areas – helping people with everything from household chores and accompanying them to appointments, to popping round for a cup of tea and a chat.

Daisy Mahoney and Vicky Weaver, co-founders of The Bespoke Life, were working together as colleagues in a care setting for the over 65s, when they started bouncing around ideas about setting up a service that would help a person uniquely, especially tailored to their own individual needs. They didn't want it to be just another care service.

‘It was Vicky's grandmother who was the inspiration behind The Bespoke Life. After her grandfather's passing, her grandmother was living independently at home, relying on the help of children and grandchildren. But their busy lives meant that not all of her wants could be met quite as quickly as she would have liked!’ said Mahoney, on how the idea for their company was formed.

‘Vicky’s family did look into a home care service, but her granny refused. She didn’t want a carer and, to be fair to her, she didn’t need one. What she would have preferred was a "companion". Someone who she knew was coming on a set day, at a set time, who could help her with her to-do list. Help with changing the bedding, a shopping trip to her favourite department store, cleaning out the kitchen cupboard, company when the house was empty – someone spending quality time with her.’

And with over 15 years of experience in the care industry between them, Mahoney, Weaver and The Bespoke Life team have all the knowledge and experience needed to provide the friendly, personal assistant-style service that Gloucestershire was lacking.

‘We offer companionship and support. Think of us as your friend, with an additional 'personal assistant' element. A befriender, a companion; but someone who can also assist you with everyday tasks,’ explains Mahoney.

‘We give our clients quality time with a friendly face. No rushing about, no quick job done and on to the next client.

‘Working with the older members of our society is so rewarding and seeing the joy that we can bring to our clients makes it all worthwhile. Our clients become more than just clients – they are our friends and we look forward to seeing them each time we visit.’

The Bespoke Life's team of 'companions' can assist people with whatever they need, throughout the week, once a week or even once a month. Companions will come to clients' homes to keep them company, help with meals or admin; as well as going out and about to assist with shopping trips or participate in hobbies. Anything that helps their clients to stay independent at home for as long as possible.

Prices start from £20 for an hour's home help. Clients typically book anything from a couple of hours a few times a week, to a longer day out.

The Bespoke Life even offers a 'welcome home package' where, after a client's stay in hospital or a trip away, a companion will pay a visit to their home to stock the fridge, put a fresh loaf in the bread bin and give the house a quick spruce up. What a wonderful welcome home that would be!

To find out more about The Bespoke Life and the benefits of engaging companionship care, call (01242) 379079 or visit

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