The King's School Gloucester announces dates for its next Chorister Voice Trials

Children aged six to nine-years-old with a passion for singing are invited to audition to become choristers in Gloucester Cathedral's choir this March 2023.

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Talented singers aged six to nine can audition to become Choristers at Gloucester Cathedral this March 2023.

The King's School Gloucester is inviting keen singers aged six to nine to its next Chorister Voice Trials, this March 2023.

Girls can audition for a place in the historic Gloucester Cathedral choir on Wednesday 1 March 2023, while boys' auditions are being held on Thursday 2 March 2023.

Conducted by Gloucester Cathedral's director of music, the auditions require children to bring along one song they enjoy singing, which could be a hymn, Christmas carol or even a nursery rhyme. No special coaching or training is required to audition, just a keen interest in singing and a confident approach.

Auditionees will also be given tests to measure the quality of their voice, accuracy of their ear, ability to pitch a note, their sense of rhythm and their ability to read aloud with reasonable confidence.

Choristers at Gloucester Cathedral spend six years studying music theory, singing and at least one musical instrument, with daily rehearsals and performances helping them to develop concentration, teamwork and musical skills that benefit them for life. They also take part in festivals and events such as the Three Choirs Festival held every summer in either Gloucester, Hereford or Worcester. 

Benefitting from a King's School Gloucester education, choristers pay reduced school fees during their time in the cathedral choir, enjoying a wide range of co-curricular activities including drama and sport, alongside their music study.

When choristers leave the choir, they are eligible to apply for music scholarships and bursaries at King's, with many ex-choristers going on to complete their education at the school. 

For information on how to apply for the Chorister Voice Trials, visit

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