New Japanese-inspired garden opens in Cheltenham with summer dishes and cocktails to match

Gin & Juice has teamed up with Japanese dining restaurant, YOKU, to bring the new gardens of Japan to No.131 The Promenade in Cheltenham.

By Emma Luther  |  Published
YOKU Garden features new cocktails from Gin & Juice alongside dishes from Tokyo-style Japanese restaurant YOKU.

A summer of premium sushi and delicious cocktails has been unveiled at No.131 The Promenade in Cheltenham with the arrival of YOKU Garden.

Hailed as a secret new project, it aims to bring the beautiful gardens of Japan to Cheltenham, with a collaboration between No.131’s Gin & Juice bar and Tokyo-style Japanese restaurant YOKU.

With the removal of the marquees along Queen's Circus, the team has spruced up the gardens which are open from 2pm to 8pm every day.

A new menu of delectable sushi bites sits alongside a selection of sashimi.

There are signature rolls – Ebi Ten (battered prawns, with asparagus, avocado, tobiko and salty-sweet unagi sauce), and green dragon roll, with vegan salmon, avocado, pickled ginger and cucumber.

There are also new summery salad bowls on offer, too, including Tokyo chicken (Yakitori chicken, with Chinese leaf cabbage, avocado, seasonal leaves and cherry tomato, splashed with roasted sesame dressing) and tuna tataki with a kick of wasabi and green garden.

On cooler summer nights, there are warm dishes of Yakitori grilled chicken skewers, tempura prawns and Ika Furai, a delicious combination of fried calamari, wasabi mayonnaise and ginger.

To accompany YOKU’s garden delights, Gin & Juice has introduced a whole new summer cocktail menu of refreshing creations.

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