Restoration nears completion at The Black Bear pub in Tewkesbury

It's been a long labour of love for the owner of Gloucestershire's oldest pub, The Black Bear, but after six years of work, an end is in sight and the opening date is set to be revealed very soon.

By Emma Luther  |  Published
Work to restore Tewkesbury's The Black Bear pub is nearing completion.

It was 2017, when Luke Haynes took ownership of Gloucestershire's oldest pub, The Black Bear, in Tewkesbury.

Since then, the furniture maker has painstakingly restored the pub at the end of Tewkesbury High Street - from brickwork to ancient beams to flooring, carefully bringing it back to its former glory.

And now he's nearing the end of the restoration process, with an opening date set to be revealed very soon. 

The public will get to see natural stone and wooden floors, restored beams and pastel walls of green, blue and terracotta clay.

They'll also be able to admire a glass covered secret staircase thought to have once led to a secret tunnel linking the pub to Tewkesbury Abbey.

The independent pub, built in 1308, is one of the oldest in the UK.  

When it reopens, it will have room for 300 drinkers outside on a new outdoor oak terrace overlooking the River Avon and Haynes reckons he'll be able to make room for 200 inside.

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