Simpsons Fish and Chips in Cheltenham launches new 'Chippy Tapas' menu

Put a fishy on your dishy this weekend with the new 'Chippy Tapas' menu at Cheltenham's award-winning Simpsons Fish and Chips.

By Chloe Gorman  |  Published
With everything from cod goujons to frickles, the new 'Chippy Tapas' menu at Simpsons Fish and Chips in Cheltenham is already proving popular.
With everything from cod goujons to frickles, the new 'Chippy Tapas' menu at Simpsons Fish and Chips in Cheltenham is already proving popular.

While it's hard to beat traditional fish and chips for tea, Simpsons Fish and Chips has launched a brand-new 'Chippy Tapas' menu, with 11 new dishes to try when dining in the restaurant.

The award-winning chippy, named one of Britain's Top Takeaways in May 2022, is offering diners a chance to choose three small plates for £15 or five for £20, with the menu promising a twist on the traditional chippy tea.

Options for meat- and fish-eaters include battered squid, whitebait or scampi with Tubby Toms lemon and herb mayo; crispy cod goujons with homemade tartare sauce; halloumi with Baconnaise; prawns with sweet chilli sauce; and Thai spiced fishcake with chilli dip. Meanwhile, vegetarians and vegans can get their teeth into vegan jackfruit wings with Tubby Tom's jalapeño mayo; vegan sausage with ketchup; frickles with special seasoning; and minted pea fritters. 

It's also introduced a range of filthy battered chips, designed to prove that 'everything is better with batter', with Keleigh's Posh Truffled Chips - named after Simpsons' long-serving manager Keleigh Green - topped with truffle oil, parmesan and parsley; The Best Dirty Chips coming with secret sauce, jalapeños, crispy onions and melted cheese; and Done and Dusted - invented by Tubby Tom himself - providing a vegan take on scampi fries with lemon and herb dip; while The Northener provides a Simpsons take on a classic - chips and gravy with melted cheese. 

There's even a dessert menu, featuring a battered pineapple ring with chocolate and coconut ice cream, and Simpsons Sticks - which are churros dusted with cinnamon and served with salted caramel ice cream. 

Gluten-free diners won't be disappointed either, with the 'Chippy Tapas' menu being made gluten-free wherever possible on the first Monday of every month, following a long-held Simpsons tradition. 

Simpsons Fish and Chips owner, Bonny Ritchie, said: 'We’ve been working on this new menu for a while and we’ve had a lot of fun doing it. Everyone has got involved and we love the variety that it brings.

'The small plates are perfect for sharing and who doesn’t love eating great tasting food with friends and family?'

Simpsons Fish and Chips is on Priors Road in Cheltenham and opens from 4pm to 9pm Sunday and Monday; 12pm to 2pm and 4pm to 9pm Tuesday to Saturday. 

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