From Cotswolds startup to global health leader – pioneering app team joins Google Academy

A breastfeeding and early parenthood support app developed in Cirencester has joined Google’s AI for Health Academy — giving it access to Google’s cutting-edge tools to reach millions of parents around the world.

By Emma Luther  |  Published
Dr Chen Mao Davies from Kemble devised innovative parenthood app, Anya, after she struggled to feed her baby — and is now receiving recognition and support from Google.

A leading Cotswolds HealthTech startup, celebrated for its innovative infant feeding and parenting support app, has been selected for the prestigious Google Growth Academy: AI for Health.

The Anya app was founded by Dr Chen Mao Davies, from Kemble, after she experienced physical and emotional health challenges with her firstborn.

The graphics expert, who previously designed special effects for Disney, Marvel Studios and Warner Brothers movies, created the breastfeeding app to help mothers access advice from the comfort of their home at any time. 

Davies developed Anya alongside world-class healthcare specialists, AI experts and visual effects creators — and since its launch in 2018, has supported parents in more than 100 countries. Thanks to Google's global platform, the app will soon be able to reach more parents than ever.

The app uses 3D interactive technology and artificial intelligence to support parents throughout the journey to parenthood. Covering conception through to toddlerhood, it features a chatbot which uses cutting-edge AI technology to give users personalised expertise and companionship 24/7. 

Aiming to improve the lives of expectant and new parents, the partnership with Google Growth Academy will help Anya become a health AI technology leader, positioned to support all under-served health journeys using innovation and empathy. 

The Google's Growth Academy: AI for Health, was set up to empower healthcare and wellbeing startups with growth skills, internationalisation strategies and access to high-tech Google tools and products.  

Anya's involvement in the new initiative is expected to turbocharge the company with resources and knowledge to move into new healthcare areas, including women’s and men’s health.

Davies said: 'We are utterly delighted to have been chosen for Google's Growth Academy: AI for Health programme. Our unwavering mission has always been to provide users with empathetic and innovative 24/7 support.

'This incredible opportunity with Google will enable us to reach more parents worldwide, ensuring they have access to the necessary support and resources during their transformative journey to parenthood.'

Organiser of Google's Growth Academy for Start Ups, Yuval Passov, added: 'We’re excited to work with Anya, offering them the best of Google’s people, products and processes and equipping them with the tools needed to scale this innovative app.

'AI is the most profound technology we’re working on today, and it’s incredible to help drive the growth of a new startup that is using this powerful technology to make a positive impact on the lives of new parents.'

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