Brand-new estate agency launches with 'exchange ready' property for sale in Gloucestershire

New Gloucestershire estate agency, Canopy, is set to revolutionise the local property market by offering 'exchange ready' property only — meaning fewer delays, fewer surprises and much less stress for house buyers and sellers in Gloucestershire.

By Annabel Lammas  |  Published
James Quinn and Andrew Ord, co-founders of Canopy Estate Agency in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.
Independent estate agency, Canopy, launches its 'exchange ready' concept in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire — improving the local property market by streamlining the exchange process for house buyers and sellers.

A new independent estate agency brings a fresh approach to selling property to Gloucestershire, launching in the county with its innovative 'exchange ready' concept.

Also covering the Worcestershire area, Canopy Estate Agency is the brainchild of local property experts, James Quinn and Andrew Ord, who are on a mission to improve the often-lengthy house moving process with their 'new approach to estate agency'.

Streamlining the process of buying and selling property in Gloucestershire, Canopy only markets properties that are 'exchange ready' — making the transaction process much faster and smoother once buyers are ready to exchange, saving both parties time, money and stress.

Not your average estate agency, Canopy achieves this by forming a close partnership with its sellers, providing them with conveyancing information and carrying out a comprehensive RICS home survey before putting their property on the market.

This means potential hurdles to a quick sale can be addressed before they derail the process further down the line.

By laying the groundwork in advance, Canopy offers a hassle-free exchange process — which is part of the house buying journey that often feels most stressful and prolonged.

James explained: 'Having spent years in the property and surveying sectors, we’ve identified the main pain points for home buyers and sellers.

'With Canopy, we’re addressing these issues head-on, starting with our local communities in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. We’re excited to bring this fresh, efficient approach to the local property market and help more people move into their dream homes without the usual headaches.'  

With deep roots in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire, co-founders James and Andrew bring local knowledge and a shared passion for improving the local property market to Canopy, as well as extensive experience in property surveying, leadership and operations roles.

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