How one Gloucestershire homeowner saved thousands of pounds on bills by making his home greener

With solar panels now the number one green energy upgrade in the UK, SoGlos spoke to the experts at Immersa, a Dursley-based renewable energy specialist, to find out what Gloucestershire residents can expect if they make the leap into solar power.

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A record number of solar panels have been installed on UK homes this year, with more people turning to renewable energy to combat rising electricity prices.

According to Dursley-based renewable energy specialists, Immersa, the ability to tackle home energy costs and reduce carbon footprints is both a hot topic and a concern for many homeowners in the county. 

Immersa shared the details of a recent real-life installation on the home of a Gloucestershire resident with east and west-facing roofs, which optimises the sunlight capture throughout the day, who wanted to charge his car and power his home in a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective way.

Michael Lamerton, director of sales at Immersa, said: 'Our client's goal was to secure his home against rising electricity prices, reduce his carbon footprint and harness solar power to charge his newly-acquired electric car.

'We helped him to understand his unique energy challenges through our energy modelling systems and explore his aspirations to take control of his home's energy future. For many homeowners, renewable energy and technologies are a new learning curve and our advisers continually provide the essential data and support for homeowners like our client, to make informed decisions.'

Once a query for a consultation comes into Immersa, it will send out a link for the homeowner or landlord to complete a self-survey. This involves the homeowner taking a couple of photos of the front of the house and the roof, adding in a few technical details and looking at where the fuse board and meter is located in the house.

Immersa also meticulously assesses historical and current energy consumption, analysing 12 months of electricity data; and uses tools such as Google Earth and Street View to conduct a property survey.

'A client will then be presented with a detailed proposal that outlines the design of solar panels on the roof, system size, estimated annual generation, payback period and return on investment,' said Lamerton.

The team at Immersa takes care of everything, including pre-installation works, project planning and solar PV array design. On this particular four-bedroom, detached Gloucestershire home, the installation team installed the system, managed the live grid connection and had everything up and running in just two days.

But what does a solar power system cost? Lamerton revealed: 'On this client's house, the complete system — solar PV panels, battery storage system and car charging dock, alongside installation costs — all amounted to £15,972.53, with a projected rapid payback period of just seven years.'

Admittedly, this is an investment; so what can homeowners expect to gain from a green upgrade?

'Right from the very first year, our client had impressive results,' said Lamerton. 'He made £131 from excess energy that he exported back to the National Grid. This demonstrated not only a financial gain but underscored the positive impact of renewable technologies on the environment as, with each unit of electricity exported, you reduce carbon emissions, contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

'He also saved £1,668 in electricity costs in that first year — these immediate savings demonstrate the financial advantage of solar PV and battery energy storage solutions. Long term, these savings will continue to grow, helping the homeowner to take control of his energy costs and protect the household from rising electricity prices.

'And he also saved an additional £252 from "load shifting". Load shifting exemplifies the power of battery storage — by charging the battery during off-peak hours and discharging it during the day, homeowners can maximise their self-consumption of solar energy, reducing electricity bills and decreasing reliance on fossil fuels, significantly reducing carbon emissions over time.'

To highlight further, this homeowner will save around 1.7 tonnes of carbon emissions each year from his solar system — a significant contribution to reducing his carbon footprint and aligning with a more sustainable and eco-conscious future. 

Immersa also provides an innovative Alpha Cloud app-based monitoring system, extensive aftercare and lengthy product warranties with all of its installations. For peace of mind, it offers a two-year workmanship warranty; a 12-year product warranty and 25-year output warranty on its solar panels; and a 5-year product warranty and 10-year cell degradation warranty on its AlphaESS UK battery storage systems. 

To find out more about solar panels for your house, book in for a free consultation with Immersa on (01453) 545222 or visit

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