Prepare for winter with free energy-saving home improvements from Severn Wye

Find out if you could save over £200 on your household energy bills this winter, thanks to a scheme from Severn Wye Energy Agency that offers free energy-efficiency home improvements to low-income, off-gas households in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire.

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Helping to keep energy bills down this winter, the Warm and Well Home Upgrade Grant scheme offers free energy-saving improvements to low-income, off-gas households in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire

As summer draws to a close, Severn Wye Energy Agency is encouraging households across Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire to consider their energy efficiency now, before the colder months hit.

You could save an average of £205 on your household energy bills through the Home Upgrade Grant scheme, run by Warm and Well — a trusted programme of support from Severn Wye and Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire Councils, which provides essential energy-saving home improvements to low-income, off-gas households.

It's easy to take advantage of the Home Upgrade Grant scheme now by calling and checking your eligibility — and one householder, Mr Greco, did just that. He saved over £1,000 a year through the scheme, which made essential upgrades to his poorly heated and uninsulated property for free.

From insulation improvements to air source heat pumps, the scheme offers energy efficiency measures that will help to reduce the amount of heat lost from homes in the winter — not only lowering the cost of soaring energy bills but carbon emissions, too.

Mr Greco's property had no heating except an old Rayburn system, meaning he relied on electric room heaters for additional warmth which are notoriously expensive to run.

Advisors from Severn Wye carried out an eligibility check over the phone and identified grant funding to improve the energy efficiency of his home. Following a property assessment, Mr Greco was offered an air source heat pump, solar panels, cavity wall and loft insulation — all fully funded by the Home Upgrade Grant.

Thanks to his home improvements, Mr Greco now saves approximately £1,020 per year on his energy bills, a total estimated by the Energy Saving Trust.

In the year 2022/23, Warm and Well's Home Upgrade Grant scheme has made energy-saving improvements to 161 households in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire, costing over £1 million in government funding.

The results are an estimated annual bill saving of over £33,000 — working out as an average of £205 per household.

'It's a fantastic scheme for any householder,' Mr Greco said, noting how positive the overall experience was. He was kept well informed by Severn Wye throughout the process and praised the quality of the work, which was completed 'to a high standard'.

To find out more about the Home Upgrade Grant scheme and to check if you qualify, complete the online form by visiting

Alternatively, call the Warm and Well advice line on 0800 500 3076.

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