Meet the… ‘hidden heroes’ who turned to careers in care with OSJCT

Helping to run care homes for The Orders of St John Care Trust in Gloucestershire and around the UK, find out what convinced these ‘hidden heroes’ that a career in care was right for them.

The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) is one of the UK’s leading not-for-profit care organisations, providing high quality care for older people.

It employs approximately 4,800 staff to assist more than 3,500 residents across 66 homes and 14 accommodation schemes in Gloucestershire and beyond.

This winter, the Trust has launched it largest recruitment drive ever to attract new workers into its homes at a time when job vacancy rates in health and social care are rising.

About the experts – Pia, Helena and Sam, The Orders of St John Care Trust

The care sector attracts loyal and values driven people to work in the many different settings that deliver health services and support to those who are vulnerable or poorly.

For some of these ‘hidden heroes’, working for OSJCT really is a job for life with employees receiving long service awards, while for others it’s a vocation they found later in life.

Here, SoGlos meets Pia, Helena and Sam, all of whom have interesting stories to share about their journeys into the care sector.

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OSJCT carer Pia

Former long haul cabin crew member Pia now works as an OSJCT carer; she joined up in 2020 after taking redundancy from British Airways.

As it turns out, her new career really suits her caring and compassionate nature, ‘I feel very at home in the care home and love listening to residents’ stories,’ Pia said.

As a natural team player, she quickly fitted in to the busy and friendly care home environment.

One of the highlights for her, so far, has been seeing residents explore a newly decorated lounge: ‘Some were shy and a little unsure, but they soon enlivened friendships’ she added.

OSJCT carer Helena

Helena worked as a PA for many years before joining OSJCT in 2012 as a night carer, going on to become an acting senior care leader within two years.

She puts her move into social care down to the admiration she felt for the carers who came to look after her mum at home in the months before she died.

‘Seeing my mum’s carers looking after her made me think ‘I really want to do that’ and it’s now a job I love,’ Helena said.

OSJCT carer Sam

Sam joined the Trust in 2012 as a carer, taking on more responsibilities and training as he progressed in his career to his current role as a care leader.

‘If there’s one little thing I can do that makes residents lives that little bit better, I feel like I’ve achieved something,’ he said, speaking about his favourite part of the role.

From looking after residents’ welfare and ensuring all their needs are met, to supporting the team of carers to do what they need to do, Sam’s role embraces the whole picture of care.

He is now committed to a career in healthcare, with long term goals focused on nursing or working as a paramedic.

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Monday 29 November 2021

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