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Surrounded by rolling hills, Eastwood Park in Gloucestershire covers 200 acres and has hosted its fair share of weddings, proms, training days and meetings over the years.

Why in-person events are so important for Gloucestershire businesses: Eastwood Park Expert Insight

With corporate events like conferences and team building making a resurgence, SoGlos asked the experts at Eastwood Park for...

Discover what awaits guests at their next stay at the beautiful rural Cotswolds location of Whitminster House.

‘Our family have been lucky enough to call it home for six generations’: Meet John Teesdale-Goldingham of Whitminster House

Discover more about Whitminster House’s brand-new, beautifully revamped accommodation, in SoGlos’s interview.

Improving pay, working conditions and development opportunities are key to attracting and retaining staff in hospitality, according to Steve Gardner-Collins of Visit Gloucestershire.

Top tips for recruiting during the hospitality staff shortage: Visit Gloucestershire expert insight

While staff shortages are still causing chaos for local hospitality businesses, SoGlos spoke to Visit Gloucestershire to get...

SoGlos spoke to Visit Gloucestershire to get its advice on how to gear up for the 2022 hospitality season.

How to plan for the 2022 hospitality season: Visit Gloucestershire expert insight

After almost two years of uncertainty, Visit Gloucestershire is helping local hospitality businesses gear up for the 2022 season...

Discover what awaits loved ones with a luxurious overnight stay at Blackwell Grange’s 1604.

Meet the owners – William and Didi Vernon Miller from Blackwell Grange tell us all about their new onsite accommodation

Find out more about Blackwell Grange’s beautiful and unique new accommodation, 1604, in SoGlos’s interview.

Plan the perfect intimate wedding ceremony with some expert advice from wedding experts Tewkesbury Park.

Tewkesbury Park expert insight: How to plan the perfect intimate wedding

While plans for a big fairy tale wedding might be on hold for now, Tewkesbury Park shares its advice on planning the perfect...

SoGlos chats to Chez Mal Brasserie’s head chef, Marian Badea.

Interview with Chez Mal Brasserie's Head Chef

Want to find out more about Chez Mal Brasserie in Cheltenham? Look no further as SoGlos talks to the head chef about the menu,...


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