8 brilliant business reasons to sponsor a tree in Gloucestershire

A new scheme from Gloucestershire County Council enables businesses to sponsor a tree either near their office or at a location they'd love to see boosted by a bit more greenery.

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Landscaping with trees can increase the value of a property by up to 20 per cent.
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Gloucestershire County Council

Gloucestershire County Council implements strategic decisions and provides services across the region to benefit the local community. Now, the council is teaching locals to save money of their energy bills with its new energy saving initiative.

We know trees are good for the environment, but could they be good for business too?

Businesses can sponsor any number of trees in a new scheme from Gloucestershire County Council — from just one, to an entire street's worth, with it typically costing from £300 to £600 to sponsor one tree, depending on the area.

SoGlos takes a closer look at the benefits of planting new trees near your office.

Cutting down carbon emissions

If you're looking to boost your business's green credentials, sponsoring a tree will definitely make a difference to your immediate environment. 

Trees soak up carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, instantly helping your business reduce carbon emissions.

Tree-mendous trade

Research shows that because tree-lined streets are more attractive, they encourage people to go out and shop. Studies show people spend up to 12 per cent more on goods or services in areas with large, well-cared-for trees.

A recent global study also showed people are up to six times more likely to purchase from, protect and champion purpose-driven companies.

Lifting spirits

Global research consistently shows green spaces make people happier.

They even demonstrate that people who live in tree-lined streets are less likely to be prescribed anti-depressants than those without outdoor greenery, making tree planting a great way to lift business morale.

Social connection

With trees providing a home for birds, insects and a host of other animals as well as bringing uplifting sights of leaves fluttering in the breeze and sounds of birdsong, they engage the senses and connect people to nature and the present moment, making people more likely to want to get outside. 

A knock-on effect of this is more opportunities for social connection, with trees creating a sense of place, which enhances mental wellbeing.

Helping health

With trees creating clearer air, they help improve community health and not only that, staff who can see trees from office windows have fewer incidences of illness and also report greater job satisfaction.

Being around trees also reduces blood pressure, making workers feel calmer and less stressed. Research has shown that as little as three to four minutes in a leafy environment has a positive effect.

Climate control

Trees reduce temperatures in hot weather and reduce draughts in winter, keeping everyone at a more ambient temperature. 

They might also bring your firm's bills down too with studies showing trees planted around buildings can reduce the need for air conditioning by up to 30 per cent.

Reducing flood risk

According to The Woodland Trust, trees slow down the flow of rainwater with the shelter of the tree canopy. They also absorb rainwater and reduce erosion, protecting your business from the elements.

By creating a network of root channels in the soil, runoff is vastly reduced by trees and raindrops landing on leaves evaporate back into the air, bringing brilliant benefits to your business space.

Return on investment

Landscaping with trees can increase the value of a property by up to 20 per cent, offsetting the cost of sponsorship.

With sponsorship fees starting from less than £300 per tree, you could get back far more than you bargained for if you eventually sell your office space down the line.

To find out more about the tree sponsorship scheme, visit treesforstreets.org.

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