9 benefits of starting an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships have transformed from the preserve of the young starting out, to include every level up to a masters degree, allowing everyone to develop their careers and staff — with SoGlos rounding up 9 key benefits.

By Zoe Gater  |  Published
From opening the door to a meaningful career, to developing the one you already have, the benefits of an apprenticeship are abundant.

You may be young and starting out; looking to develop your career or at the peak of it; wanting to enhance your skill set; solidify your position at the top; change roles, or retain a key member of staff — an apprenticeship could be the answer — and what's more, the training is often free.

Apprenticeships are no longer the preserve of 16 to 19 year olds — with there being no upper age limit. Anyone can use an apprenticeship to upskill at any point and an increasing number of senior workers are doing just that, with businesses also realising the benefits of retaining, developing and reinvigorating those valuable members of staff.

Here, SoGlos highlights nine key benefits of starting an apprenticeship...

Money — earn while you learn

If you are starting out, it is true you may not get rich on your apprenticeship — but you will be paid, and that's more than you will at college or university. Plus, you avoid any university debt.

For those who have done A levels, choosing the higher apprenticeship route over university may mean you miss out on the full ‘student experience’, but apprenticeships offer access to highly competitive industries and significantly increase job prospects.

For businesses, higher and degree apprenticeships are seen as a great and cost-effective way of upskilling your workforce, training your most senior leaders, developing them further and retaining key staff.

Paid holidays

If you have just left school or college and your peers are remaining in full-time education, they may enjoy longer breaks than you, but an apprentice is entitled to 20 days' paid holiday.

And on the subject of money, if you gain an apprenticeship you'll increase your future earnings too, with those who complete apprenticeships earning on average £117,000 more in their lifetimes than those who don’t. 

Unlock your career path and develop your business

With an apprenticeship, you have a qualification for life and a building block on which to develop your career. A Level 2 apprenticeship is equivalent to five GCSE passes; a Level 3 to two A level passes; and you can take it through to higher Level 6, equivalent to degree level; and Level 7, which is equal to a masters degree. Qualifications now cover almost every sector.

Higher and degree apprenticeships are an alternative to traditional university study, giving employees the opportunity to gain a higher qualification and learn professional skills — with an emphasis on a business’s needs. While apprentices benefit from increased skills and enhanced employability, employers gain greater productivity, insight into the latest skills and knowledge and improved competitiveness.

Respect and independence

Gaining an apprenticeship will earn you the very best kinds of respect — self-respect and the respect of your peers and mentors. For those starting out, it can give you the confidence to go forward, and for those already at senior level, it can help you develop all that knowledge into valuable tools to drive your career and business.

Just when you thought your career was stagnating or you would never make it to the next level, an apprenticeship could be your opportunity. If you are a boss and can't offer remuneration to that key member of staff and are worried you might lose them, have you tried offering them a chance to upskill, perhaps even at degree level or above?

Invaluable support

Whatever level you are at, you will be assigned an assessor responsible for not just setting all your work, but also to help guide you. They are there to test you, but also to answer your questions and support you. Many will be carrying a world of experience ready to impart your way.

For those on higher apprenticeships, you will find yourself with like-minded individuals potentially from across the sectors, introducing you to new ways of thinking. The support and chance to share your thoughts can be inspiring and you could make new friends for life.

Benefit from real work experience

For those starting out, a good apprenticeship will help ease you into the world of work, teaching you not just the practical skills and knowledge you need, but how to work in a team, how to cope with working life, and importantly, how to enjoy it. And again, you could make some new friends for life.

For those already well-versed in the business they work for, your apprenticeship can be tailored to benefit that company, giving real focus and meaning to what you study and to the skills you develop.

Make yourself even more employable

Ultimately, everything we have outlined above will make you more employable. An apprenticeship shows application, dedication, work ethic and confirms you have a set of skills businesses need. For the most senior members of staff who pursue the higher level apprenticeships, businesses will have an even greater asset.

It is open to a wide range of applicants

Even if you didn’t get all the GCSE grades you need to progress to the next level of your chosen career, while on your apprenticeship you will often be provided with the chance to re-sit qualifications — or the equivalent — to allow you to progress.

It may be that your career has not progressed because you did not have the relevant degree or masters qualification. A higher apprenticeship can deliver just that, allowing you to progress to the next level. For companies looking to remain attractive to staff, it can be a smart move.

Get freebies and discounts

It is no reason to choose an apprenticeship, but it is a benefit worth mentioning — especially for those starting out in their careers. You will be paid, but you will also still be classed as a student and entitled to student discounts. This will give you money off in clothing stores, insurance, gym membership, restaurants and more.

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