7 simple ways you can get involved with #SecondhandSeptember in Gloucestershire

Packed with ideas for re-purposing clothes, refreshing your wardrobe in a sustainable way and helping to reduce the carbon footprint caused by the fashion industry, SoGlos rounds up 7 simple ways that you can get involved with #SecondhandSeptember in Gloucestershire.

By Zoe Gater  |  Published
Here's how you can get involved with SecondhandSeptember in Gloucestershire in 2022.
Here's how you can get involved with #SecondhandSeptember in Gloucestershire in 2022.

Recycling, re-using and re-purposing our once loved clothing items isn't as difficult as we may think - and that is exactly what Gloucestershire County Council is encouraging people in the county to do as part of its 'Wear not Waste' campaign in 2022. 

From championing second-hand clothing and repairing items in your current wardrobe, to making sustainable changes to the way we shop, SoGlos rounds up 7 of the most simple - yet effective - ways to get involved with #SecondhandSeptember this year. 

Be an ambassador for second-hand clothes

With two-thirds of people in the UK wearing second-hand clothing, shout loud and proud about your fabulous pre-owned outfits and inspire others to do the same. What's more, it's predicted that by 2030, second-hand sales will overtake fast fashion, which is a great movement to be a part of!

Talk to friends and family

Discussing the 'Waste not Wear' campaign with friends, family and colleagues, encouraging them to sign up to the newsletter and take part, too, will help to boost awareness of the initiative. 

As a result, keen advocates will receive digestible and relevant information about #SecondhandSeptember, information on upcoming events, updates from the community and more - allowing every person across the county to be part of the ethical campaign in their own way. 

Shop more sustainably

One of the best ways to reduce your clothing carbon footprint is to simply buy less. Be more conscious when purchasing new outfits by looking at the clothes you already have and try not to replicate similar items.

Or, keep your wardrobe looking fresh and minimise your impact on the planet by shopping second hand in charity shops, where you will find many high street brands; pick up timeless classics that are high quality in vintage stores; or look on the hundreds of websites and apps dedicated to thrifting.

For more information about shopping more sustainably, visit gloucestershirerecycles.com/shopping-more-sustainably.

Repair and mend

A brilliant way to reduce clothing waste and show some love to your current wardrobe is to mend and repair your favourite apparel.

Often, it can be as easy as replacing a button, repairing a ripped belt loop, darning a hole or mending a rip - and if you don't have the means to fix it on your own, there are plenty of local repair cafés or tailors to help to get the job done. 

For more information about how to love your clothes, visit gloucestershirerecycles.com/love-your-clothes

Wear, wear and wear again

It  may seem obvious, but simply wearing your clothes more means that you are fundamentally reducing your emissions-per-wear for each item you own. Shockingly, the majority of people only wear 20 per cent of their wardrobes 80 per cent of the time.

Getting organised - whether by colour or item type - is a great place to start to make the most of what you already own. Alternatively, push the boundaries and wear more variety by trying the first in, last out method. Once you have worn a piece of clothing, put it at the far end of your wardrobe to avoid reaching for it again straight away. 

Sell, donate and recycle

Selling your unwanted clothing has benefits over recycling them as you can be sure the clothes are being put to use again, helping to prolong the life of them. Lengthening the life of a clothing garment, even by just three months, can reduce the carbon, waste and water footprints by five to 10 per cent. 

Donating good quality clothing doesn't only reduce waste, but it helps to support your chosen charity to raise funds for their good work - as well as allowing you to keep a tidy, well organised space which makes it easier to find your most-loved clothing items. 

Of course, recycling textiles can also give your garments a new purpose rather than going straight to disposal and is a great alternative if your second-hand clothing isn't quite up to scratch to be worn by someone new. 

For more information about what to do with unwanted textiles, visit gloucestershirerecycles.com/what-to-do-with-unwated-textiles

Use the #SecondhandSeptember hashtag

If you find a delightful secondhand bargain, share your unique find using the #SecondhandSeptember hashtag across social media platforms.

By showing off your bargain finds and your own unique style, you'll be helping to spread the word and inspire others to take part in the initiative. 

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