10 crafty weekend workshops to try this spring at New Brewery Arts

Try something new this spring at Cirencester’s New Brewery Arts – with its latest batch of craft workshops covering everything from printing and brush lettering to jewellery making.

By Chloe Gorman  |  Published
Spring is in the air and New Brewery Arts in Cirencester has announced a bumper crop of new craft workshops taking place from April to June 2023.

From mastering macramé to creating your own unique silver jewellery, New Brewery Arts in Cirencester has a bumper crop of creative craft workshops to have a go at this spring 2023. 

SoGlos rounds up a variety of workshops to try with something for everyone, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced crafter.

Dressmaking at New Brewery Arts

Keen needleworkers can test their skills by learning how to make a Japanese cross back apron, or 'maekake', in this full-day workshop with Lauren Holloway. These aprons are comfortable, absorbent and have two large front pockets, traditionally made from old sails for fishermen to wear out at sea. Participants will learn a variety of dressmaking skills, from cutting the pattern, sewing seams and finishing, before going home with their own beautiful apron designed to last for years. 

Make a Japanese Cross Back Apron with Lauren Holloway takes place on Saturday 15 April 2023 and costs £90. Participants will need to bring their own pre-washed cotton, linen or blended fabric along, but sewing machines are provided. 

Printmaking at New Brewery Arts

From creating beautiful fabrics using the ancient art of Indian block printing, to using leaves, pressed botanicals and rubber stamps to create gorgeous papercrafts including cards and wrapping paper, New Brewery Arts offers a range of workshops where participants can have a go at making their own prints this spring. 

Clare Walsh hosts Indian Block Printing on Linen on Saturday 22 April, costing £55, and Printing with Leaves on Saturday 27 May, costing £60; Print Your Own Cards and Wrapping Paper with Alexandra Woods takes place on Saturday 29 April and costs £90; while Steph Renshaw hosts Botanical Printmaking and Monoprinting on Saturday 13 May, costing £95, and Rubber Stamp Printmaking on Saturday 17 June 2023, costing £60.

Embroidery at New Brewery Arts

Learn how to draw with a sewing machine in this embroidery workshop that's suitable for all abilities. Participants will create a portrait of their chosen house or building using a variety of stitches and embellishments like French knot flowers, applique doors and shrubbery, before framing it to take home to display or give as a personalised gift. 

Freehand Machine Embroidery House Portrait with Meg Harris takes place on Saturday 22 April 2023 and costs £90. Participants will need to provide a photo of their chosen house or building in advance, but all sewing materials are provided. 

Wood carving at New Brewery Arts

Try your hand at the tactile art of wood carving, with a workshop on how to carve a wooden spoon that's suitable even for beginners. Participants will transform a block of wood into a unique spoon, marking out the design before using axes and hatchets to rough out the shape, then refining with carving knives – all under the watchful eye of an expert woodcarver. 

Carve a Wooden Spoon with Patrick Brown takes place on Saturday 22 April 2023 and costs £90, with all tools and materials provided. 

Punch needle at New Brewery Arts

Create a design in a day using the ancient art of punch needle at New Brewery Arts this spring. With a variety of brightly-coloured yarns, participants will use a hollow needle to create flat and loop stitches on special 'monks cloth' to achieve a textured, abstract 'Lucy' design. 

Punch Needle with Julie Hicks takes place on Saturday 13 May 2023 and costs £90, including a wooden frame, needle, cloth and yarn to take home and complete your project. 

Silver jewellery making at New Brewery Arts

From creating a delicate three-banded Russian wedding ring to designing and making a brooch, jewellery maker Charlotte Duckworth shows participants how to form, hammer, pierce and solder sterling silver to create a completely unique piece of jewellery to keep or give to someone special. 

Charlotte Duckworth hosts Make Your Own Silver Russian Ring on Saturday 13 May and Make Your Own Silver Brooch on Saturday 3 June 2023, both costing £95 each. 

Brush lettering at New Brewery Arts

With modern calligraphy proving ever more popular, keen wordsmiths can transform their sentiments into cards, gift tags and more as they get to grips with brush lettering in this half-day workshop with Tess Munro. Participants will learn how to create calligraphic strokes, letters and words using a brush pen, identifying their own personal style and making a number of finished pieces on the day – before taking home a pen and some high-quality practice paper to carry on creating at home. 

Brush lettering with Tess Munro takes place on Saturday 20 May 2023 and costs £55. 

Macramé at New Brewery Arts

If the new season has got you feeling green-fingered, have a go at making a macramé plant hanger to bring some spring vibes into your home. Participants will learn to make a hanger for a potted plant using a variety of popular knots, working with soft, unbleached cotton rope, which is known for being both versatile and forgiving, so it's ideal for beginners. Macramé is also great for practicing mindfulness. 

Macramé plant hanger with Gilly Riddington takes place on Saturday 20 May 2023 and costs £55, with all tools and materials provided. 

Portrait drawing at New Brewery Arts

Whether you're an avid sketcher or a complete beginner, Alexandra Woods takes participants through how to draw the human head in this full-day workshop. With a model sitting for the day, budding artists will focus on form, proportion and experimentation, using a variety of techniques to prepare their portrait. 

Portrait Drawing with Alexandra Woods takes place on Saturday 20 May 2023 and costs £95. 

Painting at New Brewery Arts

With spring providing the perfect opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature, New Brewery Arts invites painters to spend a day studying and painting butterflies in this workshop with Cath Hodsman. The leading entomological artist takes participants on a wondrous journey into the unseen world of insects, using high-powered microscopes, magnifying glasses, macro photographs and ethical specimens to study both exotic and indigenous butterflies, before capturing their likeness in watercolour. 

Studying and Painting Beautiful Butterflies with Cath Hodsman takes place on Saturday 27 May 2023 and costs £95, with all tools provided. 

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