5 Cotswolds interiors trends for 2022

From the use of natural and comforting linens to introducing stylish and sustainable furniture to your home, SoGlos rounds up some of this year’s most sought-after interiors trends inspired by the Cotswolds.

By Zoe Gater  |  Published
Embrace earthy colours and nature-inspired accents, with five of the hottest Cotswolds interior trends in 2022.
Embrace earthy colours and nature-inspired accents, with five of the hottest Cotswolds interior trends in 2022.

We’ve all had to spend much more time at home over the last couple of years and it has changed how we want to decorate our interiors. Creating a cosy sanctuary has sparked a renewed interest in comforting, organic materials – typically inspired by nature, to bring a sense of harmony and helping put us at ease.

If you’re looking to refresh your home this year but aren’t sure where to begin, take inspiration from SoGlos’s round up of five of the biggest Cotswolds interior trends for 2022.

1. Nature inspired designs

Embrace eco-conscious designs and add a sense of connection to the natural world with nature inspired décor.

The pandemic taught us how much we need a connection with nature; in 2022, floral and botanical influences are being mixed on wallpapers, lampshades, cushion covers and more – bringing the outdoors, inside.

2. Embrace ‘modern artisan’

In keeping with the theme of a natural living environment, the modern artisan aesthetic is a great way to keep your home looking fresh and on trend.

Guided by natural patterns, hues and organic materials including wood, rattan and stone, this style adds authenticity to your interior, whilst modernising and grounding the space.

3. Soft and tactile fabrics

Creating symbiosis between natural materials, colours and textiles creates a warming atmosphere for those looking to recharge their batteries and find a comforting sense of peace.

Soft and tactile materials used throughout rugs, cushions and linen upholstery promotes a familiarity and comfort at home – enhance it with rich, earthy and restorative colour palettes.

4. Explore the stylishly sustainable

Compensating for not having the luxury of spending as much time outside as usual, teamed with working from home, green and sustainable furniture is a key trend for the Cotswolds in 2022.

Mediums such as bamboo, rattan, wood and jute are set to be favoured over synthetic and manmade materials. Natural furnishings not only look stylish but are long lasting and far less damaging to the environment.

5. Furniture for flexible living spaces

With hybrid working, the need for multifunctional living spaces has increased – furniture needs to work harder as dining rooms are turned into offices and living rooms into hubs for home schooling.

To make the most of the space in your home, incorporate non-permanent room dividers to split up the zones; try convertible furniture such as sofa beds; invest in bespoke designs to specifically fit your home; or set up shelving that doubles up as a workspace.

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