5 surprisingly sustainable services from Gloucester Carpet Outlet

Sustainability is at the heart of family-run Gloucester Carpet Outlet – and in 2022, it’s offering even more environmentally friendly options to help protect the planet.

By Emma Luther  |  Published
Homeowners looking to boost their eco credentials have an array of recycled options and green alternatives to consider at Gloucester Carpet Outlet.
Homeowners looking to boost their eco credentials have an array of recycled options and green alternatives to consider at Gloucester Carpet Outlet.

We’re all becoming ever more environmentally conscious in our choices, from carrying reusable water bottles and shopping bags to opting for electric vehicles – but how green are our interiors?

For those looking to boost their eco credentials at home, whatever their personal style, SoGlos discovers five ways Gloucester Carpet Outlet is helping the county’s homeowners make their properties greener and get a fabulous fresh look too.

Carpets made from recyclable products from Gloucester Carpet Outlet

Who would have thought you could have a carpet crafted from corn glucose or bamboo?

These sustainable carpets not only look good in your home, they’re also kind to the planet and surprisingly durable.

For customers unsure of the size of carpet they need, Gloucester Carpet Outlet offers a free measuring service where a member of the team will visit your home or office to give you an accurate quote and suggest the best option for that room or area – helping to minimise wastage.

Recycled and recyclable artificial grass from Gloucester Carpet Outlet

To make Gloucester Carpet Outlet’s artificial grass, bottles fished from the sea are transformed into a swathe of green and beige-coloured grass blades which are durable, soft to the touch and look good in every season.

The fake stuff is becoming more popular than ever with £1 million worth of it going through Gloucester Carpet Outlet’s tills last year. And it’s easy to see why – the simple to maintain eco range means there’s no grass to mow, mud to clean or weeds to tackle. It’s child and pet friendly with no pesticides and it saves on your water bill, too.

Green deliveries at Gloucester Carpet Outlet

Gloucester Carpet Outlet uses electric vans to deliver carpets to customer’s doors, meaning its delivery service is as green as its products.

The vans emit far fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel cars and ensure carpets arrive at customer’s homes with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Recycled underlay from Gloucester Carpet Outlet

It’s estimated that eight million tonnes of plastic waste fill our oceans every year – a heart breaking statistic – but you can boost the feelgood factor to your flooring by choosing products from specialist manufacturers that use old plastic bottles to make underlay.

One supplier to Gloucester Carpet Outlet, SpringBond, creates underlay that’s 85 per cent made up from recycled plastic bottles, with customers who choose the range seeing up to 900 recycled bottles used in their underlay – saving countless sea creatures.

Eco friendly old carpet disposal at Gloucester Carpet Outlet

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When it’s out with the old and in with the new, Gloucester Carpet Outlet has got it covered, with the future of the planet in mind.

The firm has invested in £20,000 bailer machines that compress waste before it’s melted down and reused. Recycling and reusing customers’ old carpets in a variety of ways means that in 2021, the firm saved 300 tonnes of old carpets from going to landfill.

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