'I felt part of something from the start': How The Crypt School helps its new Year 7 students settle in

From induction days and primary school visits to making friends through extra-curricular activities, SoGlos chats to four Year 7 students at The Crypt School in Gloucester about how they've been supported to make a smooth transition to secondary school.

By Jake Chown  |  Published
Four Year 7 students at The Crypt School in Gloucester — Levi, Joseph, Glory and Tito — have been chatting to SoGlos about their transition from primary school.
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The Crypt School

The Crypt School is a co-educational grammar school in Gloucester, which welcomes students aged 11 to 18. It has an excellent academic reputation, an impressive extra-curricular programme and an environment of strong pastoral care to help its pupils achieve their full potential.

Making the step up from primary to secondary school can be a massive adjustment for students — that's why The Crypt School in Gloucester provides a range of help and support through its carefully planned Transition to Year 7 programme.

SoGlos speaks to four current Year 7s — Glory, Levi, Joseph and Tito — about how they've been made to feel a part of the school community, right from the moment they found out they'd secured their place.

How have you found making the step up from primary school to Year 7 at The Crypt?

Glory: I found the transition really smooth as there were lots of induction days — we got to know other people and took part in a sample lesson which I found really helpful. I also attended a sports camp at school over the summer holidays.

Levi: There was a new teacher for every subject, which was different, but we got to know them on the open days and induction days which helped. We didn’t need to be as worried about homework as it was built up gradually.

Joseph: I noticed my bag was a lot heavier as there were lots more books to carry around! I was the only person from my school so I had to make lots of friends but attending clubs helped with this.

Tito: I thought it was going to be harder than it was as I didn’t know anyone. There were lots of clubs on offer which really helped build new friendships.

Once you found out you’d secured your place at The Crypt, how did the school reach out to you to make you feel welcome?

Glory: Mrs Attwood visited me at primary school which I found really nice. She asked questions about me and what I enjoyed which made me feel part of the school community already!

Levi: I liked that you got a certificate that you got into Crypt. There was also a starter pack with fun activities in it to help with things like reading.

Joseph: I also liked the certificate. I also like that someone still came to meet me at my school even though I was the only one coming.

Tito: The induction days — everyone was really nice and I had a good feeling after attending. I really felt part of something from the start.

Did any of your primary school friends start at The Crypt at the same time as you – and what opportunities did you have to get to know your new classmates at the start of term?

Levi: I came with people from primary but didn’t really know them. I did find it helpful being put in the same form though and the school asked if we had a preference, which I liked.

Glory: The school try to group people together from the same area so that if they make friends they can meet up outside of school — for example, in our form, we have half the group in Gloucester and half from Bristol.

Joseph: The lunchtime clubs gave me a chance to meet other students in different forms, and other year groups. I have friends in years 8 and 9 because of this!

Outside of your lessons, what opportunities have you had to get to know your teachers and fellow students during the school year?

Tito: I attended the PGL netball tour in May which helped me make friends in other year groups. It was fun but it was competitive too! I play netball for the school team which has also helped me mix with other year groups too — and share a common interest!

Joseph: I really enjoyed our Year 7 residential! It was a range of activities that you wouldn’t normally do at school. I’ve also represented the school as part of the Lego robotics team - there were Year 9 and 10 teams too. We went to Wales to take part in a competition which was really fun!

Glory: I have helped out at open days as I remember enjoying them when I came round so it’s nice to be part of that now. I was selected to give a speech to new parents and enjoyed this.

Levi: I also attended open days and recognised students and teachers I met on these days when I joined in September, which helped.

Moving from primary school to secondary school can be a big adjustment for students – do you know who you can go to at school for extra help and support if you need it?

Glory: I would go to pastoral (care) as the people are really nice, like Mrs Attwood. There are lots of things in the pastoral room to help like activities and fidget toys. Teachers are also really approachable and happy to help you.

Levi: Tutors are really friendly and you can speak to them during tutor time if you need help.

Joseph: I trust any teacher as they are friendly and they listen to you, especially tutors and the pastoral staff.

Tito: I’m most comfortable talking to my tutors and pastoral so I know who I can talk to if I need to.

What is your favourite part of the school day at The Crypt – and which new subjects or topics are you enjoying which you didn’t have at primary school?

All: Lunch!

Levi: The lunchtime clubs on offer are great and it’s really easy to meet people. It’s good to try new things! Even if you live far away, the clubs are at lunchtime so all students can access them. 

Tito: The food! I love the food in the canteen.

Joseph: I also enjoy the clubs — I have tried drama club, STEM, athletics and Lego robotics, as well as attending different rehearsals!

Glory: I like everything! But if I had to choose — lunch as well because I get to hang out with my friends. I do like lessons too as teachers make lessons fun!

In partnership with The Crypt School  |  cryptschool.org

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