Hooray expert insight: How to find the best recruitment company for you

From the first application through to the final interview, Cheltenham’s Hooray recruitment agency is making its mark in the Gloucestershire recruitment world. With 16 years’ experience in the industry, Hooray’s managing director and founder Richard Arthur gives SoGlos his advice on finding the best recruitment company for you.

Richard Arthur is the managing director of Hooray recruitment agency, in Cheltenham
Richard Arthur is the managing director of Hooray recruitment agency, in Cheltenham

Describing itself as ‘the good recruitment company’ Hooray, based in Cheltenham’s Eagle Tower, has taken a rather different approach to recruitment.

Promising to keep customer experience at the heart of everything it does and working with only ethically-sound companies, the firm is motivated by the basic notion of ‘introducing good people to good organisations.’

Speaking to SoGlos, Richard Arthur, Hooray’s managing director and founder, gave us his expert insight into the world of recruitment, whether you’re looking for a job, or the right person to join your team.

Richard Arthur

With more than 16 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, managing director and founder of Hooray, Richard Arthur launched the Cheltenham firm in November 2017.

The first ethical recruitment company in Gloucestershire, Hooray has quickly been making its mark on clients through a transparent and honest approach.

As a candidate, is it better to register with multiple recruitment companies, or select a more specialist single agency?

We would advise registering with two or three trusted agencies who will work on your behalf rather than a scattergun approach. We would recommend you check their reviews and testimonials and take the time to get to know them. Let them really get to know you, so they can match as closely to your requirements as possible.

What are the benefits of registering with a recruitment company over conducting your own job search?

Good recruitment businesses will work on your behalf and introduce you to employers in the area. They will also advise on how you can rework your CV to suit a particular requirement and give you that all important interview preparation! Negotiating salary and other benefits are also an added benefit.

What do you feel makes Hooray different to other recruitment companies in Gloucestershire?

We respond to everyone that applies for a job with us every time. We provide feedback and keep candidates in the loop as much as we are able to. Additionally, a lot of our work comes through social media and referrals; we don’t just rely on ad responses or job boards. I have a qualification in recruitment management too, so can support clients in writing job descriptions and provide them with test interview questions. We are true consultants and talk openly and honestly with our clients and candidates.

What are your top three tips for candidates who’ve just signed up to a recruitment agency?

Stay in touch! It’s a two-way thing.
Be polite and professional at all times. An agency is your door to a new company, treat them as you would the potential employer.
Always ask if you can attend interview preparation if they secure you an interview, it is time well spent!

Hooray says it works with ethically sound businesses and organisations – what processes do you go through to ensure that the companies you work with fit the bill?

We don’t work with clients who are known for having a very high staff turnover or where there are a significant number of poor reviews on line.
If a client is discriminatory when giving us a brief we advise them we will not be able to provide what they are looking for.
If a client is reluctant to allow us to visit them on site we are reluctant to work with them – after all we want to check the environment is a supportive and happy one!
We also look at benefits and corporate social responsibility, as a benchmark.

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What should business owners consider before using a recruitment firm?

It’s not all about the fee! Look at how long a consultant has been working within a recruitment business. Do they jump around a lot? What are their accolades?
Recruitment is a skill and an employer should look at someone with significant experience and longevity as well as checking out their LinkedIn profile.
Also, ask them to provide a couple of referees and speak to clients they have worked with.

What process should candidates expect to go through when they register with Hooray?

If we feel a candidate is someone we can directly help, we will bring them in to register where they will be subject to an in-depth interview.
We will match them to any suitable jobs and if there is nothing suitable at present we will market them out (with their permission!) to a select group of clients in the area which we have agreed.
We manage expectations too, so we don’t bring people in for them never to hear from us again. We also support with CV writing and interview preparation.

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What process should businesses expect to go through when they register with Hooray?

We like to meet all our clients on site so we can really get under the skin of the organisation. They should expect us to ask lots of questions, after all, we want to get it right! We will advise on the job description and provide insights into the market as well as salary benchmarking.
After that, we like to keep open and honest communication throughout, to ensure a client gets true value from our service. We avoid bulk CV sending and we meet all our candidates before they interview with a client.

Any final tips you’d like to add?

If you work with good recruitment agencies in a personable and professional manner, they will really help add value to your business as a client, and to your career as a candidate.

For more information, call (01242) 300228, email hello@hoorayworks.co.uk or visit hoorayworks.co.uk directly.

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