A new era in HR for Gloucestershire: Resolving Conflict. Inspiring Change.

Running for 12 years as a successful consulting business, the founders of Citrus HR Consulting have decided the time is ripe for a rebrand - SoGlos spoke to Georgina Read and Kirsty Senior to find out what to expect from the newly christened Rise HR...

By Eleanor Fullalove  |  Published
Georgina Read and Kirsty Senior have successfully grown and now rebranded their local HR consulting business.

‘It’s time to return to our roots of regional face to face consulting, which is what we love doing’ says Georgina Read, one of the co-founders of Citrus HR Consulting, which recently rebranded as Rise HR.

Covering the Gloucestershire and Bristol area, Rise HR is an outsourced HR service for smaller businesses that need more knowledge on how to stay compliant with evolving employment law and develop their people, and helps them understand their culture.

‘It's an unsettling time, so people don’t want to move jobs at the moment, therefore it is important employers look for ways to improve the workplace culture and be a good place to work’, says Read.

‘Our focus will be on helping our clients to retain talent, promote leadership development and - what we do best - resolve conflicts and keep them on track with their legal obligations’, she adds.

Together with tech entrepreneur and business partner David Lester, this HR duo launched national HR software/service company Citrus HR in 2014, encouraged by the successful growth of their local HR consulting business.

Providing the firm with the HR know-how allowed the pair to dip a toe in the digital world and Citrus HR has flourished, servicing thousands of small businesses across the UK.

However, running two businesses means that focus and time needs to be split, which ultimately informed their decision to say a fond farewell to the Citrus HR brand and return their focus to their Gloucestershire based HR consultancy service.

They continue to partner with Citrus HR and use its software products, which they believe to be the best tool on the market for small businesses.

‘The post pandemic employee mindset has changed and we have adapted to this. Decent software can handle the admin, but an HR consultant can provide the strategy and move your business to the next level.

‘We are investing in our team, building knowledge and expertise to ensure we can help you with people strategy and overcome your hybrid working challenges’, says Kirsty Senior, joint co-founder of Rise HR.

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