Record numbers expected at today's Cheltenham CyNam 21.2 business event

This week's cyber showcase business event - CyNam 21.2 – is on target to attract record numbers with more than 1,000 signing up to listen in.

By Andrew Merrell  |  Published

This week’s major cyber showcase business event that is CyNam 21.2 has so many people registered for it already it is verging more towards festival than conference.

Anyone watching the social media channels favoured by business will no doubt have spotted that Thursday (June 10) is the day for the annual showcase, staged by the catalyst for all things cyber in Cheltenham, CyNam.

What they may not know is that if they log into CyNam 21.2 – Smart Cyber: Securing the IoT and the cities of the future they will be one of more than 1,000 who have signed up so far.

SoGlos is helping give the event (to be broadcast live from broadcasted live from town centre workspace Hub8) one last push as part of its campaign to encourage and showcase cyber businesses in Gloucestershire – #CyberGlos.

Richard Yorke, director at CyNam, said: ‘As the world becomes ever more connected through IoT devices, attention is turning to the role of smart cities in terms of sustainability and security.

‘Ensuring smart cities are safe is paramount for the post-Covid world and our latest virtual conference will explain what the future of these innovative spaces will look like and how developments in technology can enable both citizens and businesses to enjoy smart cities securely.

‘CyNam 21.2 will look at the challenges and opportunities we will need to face now to make this a reality.’
At last year’s event some 800-plus people logged in to take part.

Registration is still open for CyNam 21.2. The full line-up has now been revealed, and we have updated our events listings section post to give you all the details.

For more information, see CyNam 21.2 - Smart Cyber: Securing the IoT and the cities of the future.

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