Gloucester photographer shortlisted for national award

The shortlist for the UK Picture Editors' Guild Awards 2023 has been revealed, with Gloucestershire-based photographer Paul Nicholls in the running for this year's top prize.

By Kaleigh Pritchard  |  Published
The photograph, taken by Paul Nicholls on Gloucester's Rainbow Street, is one of the top 20 at this year's Picture Editors' Guild Awards.

The 2023 edition of the highly-anticipated UK Picture Editors' Guild Awards features images from photographers from across the country and beyond, with subjects ranging from the late Queen Elizabeth II, to sobering images of soldiers battling in Ukraine.

Thousands of outstanding entries from all around the UK have been carefully whittled down by experienced judges to create the competition's top 20.

With a spot on this year's esteemed shortlist — on his first time entering, no less — Gloucestershire native snapper Paul Nicholls is hoping for a big win with his cheerful photograph of Santa on his penny farthing bicycle, riding beside a lady on a mobility scooter along Gloucester's colourful Rainbow Street.

Nicholls has been a freelance photographer for eight years and has seen great success in his press photography, having been booked to cover dozens of royal and political engagements and visits across Gloucestershire.

His shortlisted image encapsulates the nature of his photographic style as he states in his biography on his website: 'I am always looking for quirky news stories for the worldwide press and media.

'Celebrities at events or filming; unusual traditions; animals sunbathing, eating ice lollies and opening Christmas presents; people with unique personal collections; stories that are just plain mad and fun.

'I am thrilled and honoured to be shortlisted among some of the greatest photographers in the UK and abroad. I am always trying to portray positivity in Gloucestershire and I think I have achieved this in this image.'

The winner of the IMAGO Photograph of the Year award is chosen by the public, via an online voting system, which is open on the Picture Editors' Guild website, until Tuesday 5 September 2023.

Each vote will also include a chance to win a voucher for a stay at an international luxury hotel, with the photographer and voucher winners announced on Monday 16 October 2023.

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