Stagecoach West bus company expanding into Bristol

Gloucestershire commuters and university students will soon be able to take the bus to work or university in Bristol, with the county's main bus provider, Stagecoach West, announcing plans to expand into the neighbouring city.

Youll soon be able to get a Stagecoach bus in Bristol.
You’ll soon be able to get a Stagecoach bus in Bristol.

Whether you commute to Bristol for work or study, or just love the city’s shopping and culture, it’ll soon be easier to travel there by bus, as Stagecoach West expands into the city.

The county’s main bus operator has announced it’s taking over the Bristol-based South Gloucestershire Bus and Coach company, meaning many more routes between Gloucestershire and Bristol could be introduced.

Stagecoach West has already been working in partnership with the family-owned company since 2017, but will now take over the business and its assets following a decision by the current owners to step down from the transport industry.

Rupert Cox, managing director for Stagecoach West, said: ‘This is a really exciting development for passengers in the west of England. This provides us with a great opportunity for more flexibility and offers a diverse mix of services to complement our existing routes.

‘And with the 16-25 year old population predicted to grow by 20 per cent in the next five years in Bristol, now’s a great time to look at expanding our services even further into this exciting market and to support the region’s aspirations for economic growth.’

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