Simon Cowell bids on gold rhino dropping in the Cotswolds

As part of a charity month raising funds for endangered rhinos, a wildlife park in the Cotswolds is holding an auction featuring one of the world's most unique lots — a 24-carat gold-leaf rhino dropping — with none other than Simon Cowell placing the opening bid!

By Kaleigh Pritchard  |  Published

In a fundraising mission to aid rhino conservation efforts and raise awareness, Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens is opening the bidding on a once-in-a-lifetime object — a 24-carat gold-leaf rhino dropping!

Working closely with UK-based conservation charity, Tusk Trust, the park is committed to protecting Africa's many threatened species.

With its annual rhino conservation event taking place throughout August, Rhino Month has kicked off with television personality Simon Cowell entering the auction of the golden dropping with an opening bid of £2,500.

Curator at Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens, Jamie Craig said: 'It's great to have Simon's support for our work with rhino conservation. Hopefully his extremely generous opening bid will encourage a bidding war and ensure we raise a good sum for the project.

'The eventual winner will certainly have a unique memento!'

The gilded dropping came from one of the park's rhino calves, with gold leaf being applied by professional gilder, JoJo Hull, in a process known as oil gilding with 23.75-carat Italian gold-leaf.

Cowell has visited the park frequently over the last year, with this particular visit seeing him get acquainted with the park's crash of rhinos.

Further bids are encouraged when Rhino Month officially begins on Tuesday 1 August 2023, with details being published on Cotswold Wildlife Park's social media sites and website.

Plus, throughout Rhino Month, the keepers will be hosting talks near the rhino paddock where families can learn all about the threats towards the magnificent animals, while also finding out how conservation methods can help protect them for future generations.

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