Holee Cow to move into Holee Clucker unit

After a shock closure from its unit in Cheltenham’s Clarence Street, Holee Cow has confirmed that it will reopen in a unit earmarked for its new restaurant, Holee Clucker.

Holee Cow will move from Clarence Street to a new Cheltenham venue
Holee Cow will move from Clarence Street to a new Cheltenham venue

Known for its insanely Instagrammable burgers, Holee Cow has closed the door on its Clarence Street restaurant with immediate effect, in order to move to another unit in Cheltenham.

The popular burger joint will reopen in Winchcombe Street within the next two weeks, in a unit originally earmarked for the company’s next project – a chicken shop known as Holee Clucker.

The shock move came after the team behind Holee Cow failed to negotiate a lease in its current location, having previously taken on the unit for one year.

A spokesperson for Holee Cow told SoGlos: ‘We didn’t want to commit to a long lease straight away, so we agreed a 12-month license for a pop-up unit.

‘Six months in we could see we were getting a strong following and the business was going well, so we started negotiating to be able to stay longer, but we couldn’t come to an agreement on the sale, and we’ve been forced to find another venue.’

The new Holee Cow will be located at 49 Winchcombe Street, where work has been taking place for some months to create the brand’s new Holee Clucker restaurant.

The spokesperson continued: ‘Holee Clucker is still happening, but there will be a delay. We’re looking at other units in the town centre at the moment, but our priority is getting Holee Cow back up and running first.’

The company also has plans to open a third restaurant specialising in grilled cheese, known as Holee Cheesus, which it says will be the final project after sourcing a new venue for Holee Clucker.

For more information call (01242) 321768.

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