Simpsons Fish & Chips launches Sin Free Supper

Fish and chips on a Friday night no longer has to be unhealthy, after Simpsons Fish & Chips announces its brand-new Sin Free Supper for under 400 calories!

 Image courtesy of Robin Bradshaw, Bullit Photography.
© Image courtesy of Robin Bradshaw, Bullit Photography.

Calorie counters and health conscious diners can still tuck into a chippy treat this summer thanks to the new low-calorie option from Simpsons Fish & Chips.

Dubbed as a ‘Sin Free Supper’, Simpsons announced the launch of its new meal option to celebrate World Bikini Day in early July, promising a fast-food option for less than 400 calories.

Served up with signature mushy peas, the Sin Free Supper features Simpsons’ sustainably-sourced fish and a fresh and zingy salad and is available from both the Cheltenham and Stroud shops.

Speaking about the new option, development chef and co-founder Bonny Ritchie said: ‘We are constantly striving to keep this classic as inclusive as possible, already offering vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, and with approximately two thirds of Brits being on a diet at any one time, we thought it was about time to include options for customers watching their weight.’

For more information, see Simpsons Fish & Chips Cheltenham or call (01242) 521964.

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