Adam Henson launches new range of wildflower seeds

Inspired by the flowers found at his very own Cotswold Farm Park, Adam Henson's wildflower seed mixes are now available from his new store, Wildscape — and now's the best time to get planting.

By Dylan Robertson  |  Published
Gloucestershire's famous farmer, Adam Henson, has launched a collection of wildflower seed mixes to plant at home.

Owner of Cotswold Farm Park and well-known TV presenter, Adam Henson, has unveiled a range of wildflower seeds, as the first products in his new online shop, Wildscape.

Flowering from April to September, making now the ideal time to plant them, the seeds are easy to plant and care for so anyone can have a go at flexing their green thumbs.

Each wildflower mix contains specially selected flower species chosen for their pollination abilities, low upkeep requirements and their ability to promote biodiversity.

Five different seed mixes are available: from 'Wetland Wonder', which is tailored to damp environments and is sure to brighten up the banks of any pond; to 'Pollinator Paradise' for filling your garden with vibrant colours — along with plenty of bees!

The seed mixes are available in six different sizes — covering spaces from 2.5m2 to 250m2 — so you can bring a beautiful bloom to any outdoor space, no matter the size.

Adam said: 'I believe everyone should consider growing wildflowers, not only are they beautiful native British blooms, but they also support local biodiversity. No matter if it’s a small pot in an urban setting or large garden, wildflowers create a mini ecosystem right outside your window, attracting a variety of birds, insects, and other delightful creatures.'

Prices start at just £5.99, with a percentage of profits going towards conservation projects to restore habitats and conserve rare breeds at Cotswold Farm Park.

The wildflower seed mixes can be purchased on the Wildscape website.

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