Gloucestershire is one of the best places in the UK for spring weddings

There's more than just flowers blooming across Gloucestershire this season, as it's just been revealed the county is one of the best places in the UK for a spring wedding celebration.

By Chloe Gorman  |  Published
Gloucestershire's wedding venues are blooming into life, with the county being named one of the best places for spring weddings in the UK.

With spectacular venues and swathes of blooming blossom providing a beautiful backdrop for spring weddings, Gloucestershire has been ranked one of the UK's best places to get married this season. 

It made the list of the top 10 best places in the UK for a spring wedding, based on reviews and ratings of wedding venues and vendors, collated by photo wall art creator StoryBoards.

Gloucestershire was the only county in the south west to make the list, snagging fourth place thanks to its 4,874 four-star-rated venues — with Essex coming out on top, followed by Surrey and Kent.

From Cotswold wedding barns, gorgeous garden venues and even stately homes, Gloucestershire couples are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful venues in the county.

And with spring flowers popping up everywhere, from native daffodils to blushing pink blossoms, it's one of the prettiest times of the year to get married, too. 

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