9 ways Gloucestershire businesses can enhance employee wellbeing

From adding greenery and encouraging physical activity to introducing a four-day work week, SoGlos highlights some of the ways that businesses in Gloucestershire can enhance employee wellbeing and create a positive environment for the whole workforce.

By Zoe Gater  |  Published
SoGlos highlights some of the ways Gloucestershire businesses can enhance employee wellbeing.

There are plenty of ways Gloucestershire businesses can enhance the wellbeing of employees, without having to make drastic changes.

Introducing perks or rewards and incorporating the right systems, procedures and policies, can bring benefits for the whole workforce, promoting productivity, improving efficiency and boosting morale, with SoGlos rounding up some simple ways Gloucestershire businesses can help enhance their employees' wellbeing.

Corporate memberships

Rewarding employees with corporate membership schemes — such as The Sub Rooms collection of brand-new memberships for local businesses — helps to motivate staff and make them feel appreciated, with fun perks to enjoy outside of work. 

The first tier in this particular scheme provides members with exclusive employee ticket offers, including two-for-ones; priority booking; and offers in the central bar and kitchen, giving Gloucestershire businesses the chance to reward and engage staff, as well as boosting morale.

Flexible working options

Employees all have different demands outside of work, from family commitments to health requirements — so if it's possible, offering flexible working may encourage employee loyalty and go a long way to improving staff satisfaction.

By retaining staff through allowing flexible working, employers and employees can benefit from a system where everyone can get work done where and when it suits them.

Healthy snacks

We all know that eating a well-balanced diet is important for our physical health, but it’s also key for good mental health, too. Nutritious foods have been found to decrease stress and anxiety, boosting both mood and energy levels.

While many offices are still stocked up with pastries and biscuits, which provide the opposite effect, by offering healthy snacks and alternatives such as a juice bar and fresh fruit, employees may notice marked changes in their wellbeing and their energy levels. 

End-of-day routines

If employees are overworking and tallying up extra hours, building an end-of-day routine can help to tackle this and get them home quicker — resulting in a better work-life balance.

This could include encouraging them to tidy up their desk; reviewing completed tasks at the end of the day; planning for tomorrow; and breaking down bigger tasks into smaller, more manageable ones so they're not taking work stress home with them every evening. 

Employee assistance programmes

Introducing an employee assistance programme provides teams with support and practical advice on issues which may be impacting their wellbeing and performance.

Providing face-to-face, telephone or online counselling empowers employees to take control of their health and address any concerns they may have; as well as providing 24/7 access to impartial emotional and practical support.

Team building activities

Whether it's encouraging colleagues to bond over a spot of healthy competition, or trying to get team members to know one another better, Gloucestershire has an abundance of venues where businesses can take part in team building activities

Team building exercises can increase morale, improve cohesion and even be used reward good results, as well as offering employees an opportunity to come together, let off steam and de-stress.

Four-day work weeks

Burnout impacts employees in every sector, but with many businesses beginning to successfully implement a four-day working week without compromising on productivity, this could soon be a thing of the past. 

Studies show that a shorter working week leads to less burnout, resulting in staff being happier and more focused in their roles; increased satisfaction, company commitment and teamwork; as well as decreasing stress levels. 

Get moving

With physical activity triggering a release of dopamine and endorphins, encouraging employees to get moving could be an easy way to improve wellbeing at work — whether that's through cycling to work, starting an office fitness challenge, or even introducing standing desks. 

The act of standing up has been proven to help employees cope with simple mental tasks because of the way it affects their brain function, as well allowing people to process information up to a fifth faster than when seated. 

Grow an office garden

Adding greenery in the office has been shown to provide mental health benefits, including helping employees to feel more calm and relaxed, reducing levels of anxiety and boosting overall mood. 

As well as helping us to feel closer to nature and supporting wellbeing, indoor plants also provide physical health benefits such as reduced blood pressure, fatigue and headaches, along with improving air quality. 

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