Why your business should consider cyber awareness training for staff

From safeguarding your intellectual property to fostering a culture of cyber security responsibility among employees, SoGlos speaks to ReformIT about cyber awareness training and why staff need it, in the latest instalment of the Gloucestershire business IT advice series.

By Sarah Kent  |  Published
The experts at ReformIT reveal just how crucial cyber awareness training could be for a business's staff.

For most businesses, it's almost impossible to operate without an IT system. From emails to databases, software applications and content management systems, not to mention social media scheduling and web browsing, it's all done online — and while incredibly convenient and with endless possibilities, it can also leave businesses vulnerable to cyber attacks, whether small or large. 

Cheltenham-based managed IT service providers, ReformIT, explains how businesses can better prepare for any potential cyber threats with cyber awareness training for its staff.

What is cyber awareness training?

Its primary goal is to make people more aware of potential cyber threats, risks and best practices for protecting sensitive information and computer systems. This type of training is crucial in today's digital age, as cyber threats continue to evolve and human error is a common vulnerability in cyber security.

Why does a business need this type of training?

The main reason is to increase a company's security posture. Training helps staff to understand the kind of potential threats there are and to learn how to mitigate them. You might have the best programmes in the world to detect threats, but if the squidgy bit between the chair and the keyboard isn’t trained in how to identify a bad link or a phishing email, then you're in trouble!

There is also a compliance element — many industry regulators now require that your business has detailed cyber awareness training. And it also means that your customers know they can trust you with their personal information.

What can a business expect after receiving cyber awareness training?

Firstly, a reduction in cyber security incidents. Educated employees are less likely to fall victim to phishing attacks, malware and other cyber threats. As a result, your business will experience fewer security incidents, which can save you time, money and reputation damage.

And, as mentioned before, regulatory compliance. Many industries have cyber security regulations and compliance requirements — and cyber awareness training helps ensure that your business complies with these regulations, reducing the risk of fines and any legal consequences resulting from attacks.

So, will a business be at an advantage after this type of training?

Yes — being cyber secure is a differentiator in many industries. And businesses that prioritise cyber security through training can gain a competitive advantage, especially when dealing with security-conscious clients or partners.

Cyber-educated employees are more likely to handle data responsibly, reducing the risk of data leaks or accidental data loss. Cyber awareness training can foster a culture of cyber security responsibility among your employees, which extends beyond the workplace and into their personal digital lives, too.

Are there any other benefits to investing in this training?

Absolutely. In the event of a security incident, employees who have received cyber awareness training are better equipped to respond promptly and effectively, minimising the impact on your business.

And if your business relies on intellectual property, such as patents, trade secrets or proprietary software, cyber awareness training can help protect these valuable assets from theft or espionage.

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