‘Everyone’s very welcoming and you can be yourself’: Meet the Year 7 student at Cheltenham Ladies' College

Starting a new school can be daunting, but Cheltenham Ladies’ College is welcoming, supportive and makes it easy to make friends, according to Year 7 student, Sofia.

By Chloe Gorman  |  Published
SoGlos chatted to Year 7 student, Sofia, who started at Cheltenham Ladies College in September 2021 as a day girl and occasional boarder.
SoGlos chatted to Year 7 student, Sofia, who started at Cheltenham Ladies’ College in September 2021 as a day girl and occasional boarder.

After more than a year of disruption, schools welcomed pupils back with open arms as the new term got underway this September 2021.

Sofia, a Year 7 student at Cheltenham Ladies’ College, was one of the many children starting a new school this year – with SoGlos speaking to her about making friends, her favourite subjects and life at the prestigious Gloucestershire independent school.

About the student – Sofia from Cheltenham Ladies’ College

A Year 7 student from Cheltenham Ladies’ College

Sofia is a Year 7 student at Cheltenham Ladies’ College. She joined the school in September 2021 as a day girl and occasional boarder and her favourite subject is history.

Cheltenham Ladies’ College welcomes girls aged 11 to 18-years-old on a day and boarding basis, with occasional boarding options available.

On top of its outstanding academic performance, the school also offers an impressive range of co-curricular activities and fantastic facilities, including its state-of-the-art health and fitness centre.

For more information, visit cheltladiescollege.org.

You’ve just started at Cheltenham Ladies’ College – what made you choose to come to the school?

When my mum told me about all the clubs, societies and trips on offer, I wanted to come to CLC – there seemed to be a lot of variety and they sounded amazing.

What are the facilities like?

Some of the classrooms are very fancy with stained glass windows and high ceilings. The sports centre is amazing with lots of great facilities including a really nice swimming pool, dance studio and volleyball court. The day house is really lovely. They serve toast if you’re there late and we have a garden for playing in.

The gardens on campus are great and the Princess Hall is amazing with pictures all around the stage and green velvet curtains. In the corridors there are lots of drinking fountains with paper cups, the water tastes really nice, it’s super convenient!

Tell us some of the things you’re studying at the moment.

I love food and nutrition and we got to make crumpet pizzas and French toast recently.

In philosophical enquiry, we sit in a circle and talk about important things, it helps to broaden our minds.

I also study Spanish, French, Latin, chemistry, history and other subjects. All the teachers are really supportive.

What’s your favourite subject?

History because I find it really interesting.

What co-curricular activities are you involved in?

I do drama club where we are working towards putting on a play next term and swimming club where I have free swim time with my friends. On these nights I board after school.

I have weekly clarinet lessons during lunchtime on a Tuesday and I have a packed lunch provided by school on that day.

Have you been to any exciting events with the school so far?

We had an outdoor adventure day at the beginning of term which was really fun and meant we got to know the other new girls too. We also had a barbecue and inflatables party which was really fun.

How are you finding life as a day girl and occasional boarder?

Good, when I stay over we get hot chocolate, plenty of time to do our homework and a big breakfast in the morning with eggs, sausages, croissants and lots of other things.

Also, I can have a lie-in until 7am, as I usually wake up at 6.15am in time to get the bus to school when I’m at home.

The bedroom at school is great as I get to share with three of my friends, there is a desk next to each bed and an ensuite bathroom too.

Is it easy to make friends at Cheltenham Ladies’ College?

Yes! Everyone’s very welcoming and you can be yourself. It’s been really interesting to meet girls from so many different countries too.

What do you like most about Cheltenham Ladies’ College?

Being able to use computers in lessons, and the food is nice!

What advice would you give to anyone considering coming to Cheltenham Ladies’ College?

Definitely apply! There is so much on offer at CLC, you are sure to find things you like to do and it’s easy to make friends.

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