Brunsdon Financial launches new estate planning, wills and trusts service

Gloucester-based Brunsdon Financial is keen to ensure your most important assets are taken care of, so you can live your life with peace of mind. Take control over what happens to your assets and protect your legacy with its new estate planning services.

By Emma Luther  |  Published
Estate planning covers wills, inheritance tax planning, trusts and power of attorney to ensure the right legal structures are in place and your assets will go exactly where you want them to.

It takes a lifetime to build your wealth and assets so it's worth thinking about what you'd like to happen to the fruit of your life's labour after you pass away.

Taking the time to establish an effective estate plan can ensure you retain an influence over what happens to your estate when you’re no longer around.

Brunsdon Financial's new estate planning service includes establishing a clear representation of your final wishes encompassing  money, property and possessions.

It will grant you peace of mind and ensure your assets are protected and preserved for your loved ones.

An effective estate plan will incorporate wills, trusts, power of attorney, plus providing recommendations on how to effectively protect your assets from financial threats, such as care fees, marriage after death and divorce.

It can also provide strategies on how to reduce your estate's inheritance tax liability, ultimately ensuring that all of the correct legal structures are in place to ensure that as much of your estate's assets end up with the people you want them to.

The firm's recent blog on the A-Z of estate planning explains how its new service can help you.

Managing director, Marcus Gomery, said: 'We can help ease the uncertainty in so many crucial areas. Whether it's planning for care home fees or estate planning for business owners, we're keen to share our 90 years of expertise to make financial planning that bit smoother.

'We cover power of attorney so someone you trust can handle your affairs if you no longer can and offer guidance on the most tax-efficient way to plan for inheritance tax. If you've been putting off dealing with any of these issues, perhaps now's the time to have a chat with us.'

Estate planning advisers are on hand for a free consultation from 9am to 5pm on Monday to Friday.

For more information, email or call (01452) 623623.

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