New technical centre opens in Stonehouse for global manufacturer

International demand during the pandemic sees Gloucestershire manufacturer Sartorius Stedim Lab grow ‘enormously’, opening a new technical centre at Stonehouse Park.

By Michelle Fyrne  |  Published
Sartorius Stedim Lab has expanded its Stonehouse footprint, opening a new technical centre.
Sartorius Stedim Lab has expanded its Stonehouse footprint, opening a new technical centre.

Sartorius Stedim Lab has opened a new technical centre at Stonehouse Park, near Stroud.

The Moorings, the new 7,600ft centre, will house the company’s growing product development team, specialising in 3D printing, materials and metrology, and was developed and refurbished by Robert Hitchins Ltd.

Managing director Chris Biddell, who started the business in his uncle’s garage more than 30 years ago, and now heads up the Gloucestershire company said: ‘This is a really significant step.

‘We’ve grown enormously in the last year, partly because of coronavirus, but also because the world market has grown – especially in China and India – and because Sartorius is a leading supplier and number one in bioreactor technology.’

Globally Sartorius employs more than 10,000 people, with 240 people employed in Stonehouse who develop and manufacture consumable devices for scientists working in medical research and food and beverage testing laboratories all over the world.

Biddell continued: ‘This new building is perfect for us. Stonehouse Park is a great environment, and because it’s a stone’s throw from our main building, there has been very little disruption for our staff.’

The company’s purpose-built manufacturing facility close by was also developed by Robert Hitchins Ltd and opened by the Princess Royal in 2016.

Harry Hitchins, land and property surveyor for Robert Hitchins Ltd, said: ‘We are delighted to be part of Sartorius’ continuing success story and to be able to accommodate the company’s growing needs at Stonehouse Park.

‘The Moorings have undergone a transformational refurbishment with sustainability, healthy working and covid in mind. Low-energy LED lighting has been installed throughout the property and the bathroom and shower facilities have been overhauled to promote healthy commuting by bike or on foot.

‘Sartorius also now has the choice to either naturally ventilate its space or use the new energy-efficient A/C heating and cooling system – both options essential to the post-Covid world.

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