Staverton aircraft firm announces new chief sustainability officer

A newly-created senior leadership role has been announced at Staverton-based aircraft technology firm, Safran, with Nathalie Stubler named as its new chief sustainability officer.

By Sarah Kent  |  Published
Nathalie Stubler is taking on the role of chief sustainability officer at Safran Landing Systems, based at Staverton, in September 2023.

Staverton-based Safran Landing Systems has announced Nathalie Stubler is joining the aircraft technology firm as its new chief sustainability officer this September 2023.

Also joining the board as an executive committee member, Stubler's new role focuses on implementing environmental and social responsibilities across all departments at Safran and improving on work already done in these areas.

Safran, which has operated from its Gloucester site for more than 85 years, is an international aircraft technology firm and one of Gloucestershire's biggest aviation businesses. It leads and develops cutting-edge landing gear technology for modern aircraft.

Stubler is passionate about sustainability initiatives and will ensure Safran's sustainable development issues are at their highest levels, with regular group discussions scheduled on the topic with internal and external stakeholders.

Stubler started her career in the aviation industry more than 30 years ago as an engineer, joining Air France and taking on various senior leadership roles over the decades, with her most recent position as a special advisor to the CEO of Air France KLM on the company's decarbonisation strategy.

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