Hollie Gazzard's story is featuring in a Netflix documentary series

The new season of Netflix documentary series My Lover, My Killer features the story of Gloucester hairdresser, Hollie Gazzard.

By Chloe Gorman  |  Published
The new series of My Lover, My Killer on Netflix features Hollie Gazzard's story.

The story of Gloucester hairdresser, Hollie Gazzard, is featured in the new series of My Lover, My Killer, which was released on Netflix this February 2023. 

The docuseries 'examines murder cases in which the victims meet tragic ends because of relationships that go very wrong.'

Hollie Gazzard was tragically murdered by her former partner at the Gloucester hair salon where she worked in February 2014. She had been subjected to months of obsessive behaviour, harassment and stalking before her murder.

Following her untimely death, Hollie's family went on to set up the Hollie Gazzard Trust to raise awareness of the types of abuse Hollie suffered, help other victims in similar situations, educate people about how to create safe, healthy relationships and prevent this kind of tragic event from happening again.

The charity also created the innovative HollieGuard app, which allows users to raise an alert, pinpoint their location, record audio and video and share this with designated emergency contacts, with both discreet and stealth modes to help victims who can't be seen to be using their phone. 

The new series launched on Friday 10 February 2023, with Hollie's story featuring in episode three. 

Sharing a statement on the Hollie Gazzard Trust Facebook page, the charity's founder and Hollie's father, Nick Gazzard, thanked followers for their kind comments, saying: 'These documentaries are very hard to do, bringing back so many memories, but it is important that we share Hollie's story and hopefully help prevent others going through what Hollie went through.'

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