Cotswold RAW is supporting the needs of older dogs with its tasty supplement range

Helping Gloucestershire dog owners to keep their four-legged friends happy and healthy in their twilight years, local pet food provider Cotswold RAW has a nutritious and delicious range of supplements to support their joints, promote good gut health and look after their ageing teeth, too.

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Senior dogs often have additional dietary requirements, with Cotswold RAW recommending natural supplements to keep them happy and healthy as they get older.

Local pet food provider, Cotswold RAW, is helping Gloucestershire dog owners to look after the needs of their older pets with its varied range of natural supplements and specially-formulated raw food for senior dogs.

Some mature dogs simply don't have the same energy need as sprightly young pups, so it's common for their dietary requirements to change as they get older.

To cater for these golden oldies, Cotswold RAW produces an Enhanced range of premium raw dog food, which is specially formulated for senior and less active dogs.

Following a 70/30 recipe — 70 per cent raw meat and bone; 30 per cent vegetables and herbal supplements — the Enhanced range has a lower protein and fat content than Cotswold RAW's 80/20 products and also contains its Cotswold Joint Care supplement.

Designed to support the regeneration of cartilage and synovial fluid, this special supplement helps to maintain flexibility of movement — with natural ingredients that help to form collagen, maintain body tissue elasticity, hydrate the skin and combat arthritis, too.

Chris Brierley, co-founder and company director at Cotswold RAW, says: 'A complete raw diet has a high natural moisture content and is easily digestible, so there are benefits to switching your dogs' diet later in life.

'It contains finely minced bones, providing a natural source of calcium, so it's easy on ageing teeth, too.'

While a switch to raw food is recommended, the Cotswold Joint Care supplement can also be purchased separately and added to meals as a joint aid, meaning pups of all ages can benefit from all that goodness, whatever diet they're on.

Cotswold RAW also recommends a dose of salmon oil, which helps maintain healthy skin and a thick shiny coat, as well as providing joint support; and its bone broth offers a revitalising treat that is easy on the tummy and full of protein, nutrients and minerals to support a healthy gut.

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