Cotswold RAW shares its top tips for feeding your dog raw food while on staycation

Staycation season is here – and for dog owners, following a raw diet doesn’t need to make travelling tricky, thanks to Cotswold RAW’s top tips for keeping hungry hounds happy on their holidays.

By Annabel Lammas  |  Published
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Enjoy a fuss-free staycation with your dog, with top tips for feeding them a raw diet on holiday from local raw food specialist, Cotswold RAW.

While staycations have boomed over the past few years, holidays on home-turf have always been popular with doting dog owners – and the Cotswolds is a top doggy holiday destination, boasting dedicated dog-friendly cottages, pubs and plenty of places for walkies.

However, travelling can be a little more complicated for dogs on a raw food diet – not least because their meals need to be kept frozen, and refrigerated once defrosted.

Local raw food specialist, Cotswold RAW, recommends that paw-rents check their rental accommodation has a freezer with ample space, or that their hotel can help with storing their dogs’ meals for the duration of their stay.

Its home delivery boxes will stay frozen for approximately 30 hours, thanks to the paper insulation, so there’s no risk of your pup’s dinner thawing as you cruise down the motorway.

Once defrosted, Cotswold RAW’s meals will keep for up to 72 hours – ideal for weekend getaways and short stays.

Families who are going away for longer can arrange for raw food to be delivered to their accommodation ahead of time, while Cotswold RAW also offers a next-day delivery service for those who need to place an order when they arrive.

The company also has stockists across the UK, including local stores like Be More Bob in Cheltenham, Broadway Deli and, in Moreton-in-Marsh, Pet Necessities and Fosseway Garden Centre, which are all great options for anyone staying in the Cotswolds.

Even on holiday, maintaining a dog’s healthy diet is important – and while two-legged travellers might like to indulge in rich food and raise a few more glasses than they would do at home, their canine companions should stick to what they know and love.

Cotswold RAW’s herbal supplements can help to maintain gut health while on holiday, packed with the same herbs that are found in its nutritious 80/20 raw food meals in small, travel-friendly pots.

Natural treats offer a whole host of nutritional and behavioural benefits for dogs too, encouraging them to tap into their instinctive need to rip, tear and chew, which can soothe their anxiety as they settle in to their new surroundings; while Cotswold RAW’s range of training treats are designed to take on the go, giving your mutt a boost of energy while you’re out exploring.

Cotswold RAW also recommends checking out the local butchers when you arrive. Adding some raw, meaty bones to your dog’s diet is a fantastic way to continue to raw feed while away from home.

Please note, when giving your dog treats and bones, it’s important to choose a product that’s appropriate for their age, size and breed. Always supervise your four-legged friend while they eat their bones as well.

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