University of Gloucestershire professor appears on New Year Honours List

A University of Gloucestershire professor has been awarded an OBE as part of the King's New Year Honours List 2024, for her services to criminal justice.

By Kaleigh Pritchard  |  Published
Professor Jane Monckton-Smith of the University of Gloucestershire is named in the 2024 New Year Honours List.

Professor Jane Monckton-Smith, from the University of Gloucestershire, has been awarded an OBE in the King's 2024 New Year Honours List.

Monckton-Smith is a professor of public protection at the university and accepts the award due to her world-renowned pioneering research into criminology subjects such as coercive control, stalking and domestic homicide.

She is recognised for her services to criminal justice, further adding to the university's reputation as a leading educator in criminological studies.

A study conducted by the professor in 2018, the 'Homicide Timeline: the eight stages', is a model currently being used by police forces and agencies across the UK and Europe, in order to carry out effective risk assessments into criminal cases.

Alongside lecturing the future of the industry, Monckton-Smith continues working as a forensic criminologist, reviewing homicide cases for the Home Office, advising police forces and reviewing panels and legal professionals on complex and high-profile murders — while offering work experience to students through navigating cases via the Homicide Research Group.

She also appears as an author and co-author of five books, including Gender and the Media: Narratives of Dangerous Love and Domestic Abuse, Homicide and Gender: Strategies for Policy and Practice — all no doubt cited in multiple essays and dissertations.

Commenting on the award, Professor Monckton-Smith attributes her success to her classes: 'I have the privilege of working with an exceptional team of students at University of Gloucestershire, and without them I would not be receiving this honour.  

'We are passionate about our work and the bereaved families and professionals we support. This has been a real surprise and I’m absolutely delighted the work is recognised as important and impactful.'

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