Monday 17 December 2018

12 garden games to play at your wedding

If you're hoping to host your wedding celebrations alfresco, then keep your guests entertained and take your pick from our sturdy selection of 12 garden games to play at your wedding.

Summer weddings are the perfect time to spill outside, enjoy the glorious grounds of your venue and get family and friends together for your big day.

With even the big kids at your wedding looking for a way to join in with the fun, don’t miss SoGlosWeddings’ round up of 12 garden games to play at your wedding.

1. Space hoppers

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Bounce, boing and bob around the grounds of your venue with some space hoppers which are sure to add a smile to your guests faces and bring back that all-important feeling of childhood.

2. Giant Jenga

Get your guests involved in some nail-biting novelty fun with a giant game of Jenga. Perfect for all ages, this game is also great for larger indoor venues if you’re not blessed with the best weather on your big day.

3. Connect Four

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Add a hint of nostalgia to your wedding reception with a childhood classic game of Connect Four. If you fancy some wedding DIY, why not have a go at creating your own with a simple tutorial?

4. Coconut shy

Bringing a fairground favourite to your celebrations, big and little kids will love a classic coconut shy. Take aim and hedge your bets for who will knock them all down first.

5. Croquet

If your wedding venue boasts glorious grounds, then why not make the most of them with a spot of croquet on a luscious lawn? Sure to release a contagious competitive spirit amongst your guests, a game of croquet is sure to go down a treat.

6. Limbo

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How low can you go? Get the party started with a limbo competition which is bound to bring out the fun in all of your guests. What’s more, if the heavens open, why not take this one onto your dancefloor and carry on the partying into the night?

7. Treasure hunt

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Create a curiosity by hiding treats around the grounds of your venue. With carefully placed clues dotted around, be sure to make sure there’s an exciting prize waiting for guests at the end.

8. Bubbles

Always a hit with the little ones, bubbles are an affordable, quick and easy way to keep the kids entertained at your wedding. Even better, this easy entertainment also makes a great backdrop for your wedding photos.

9. Welly wanging

Festival themed weddings will be complete with the ultimate welly wanging contest. Warm up for your best throw yet and get ready for a game like no other.

10. Chess

Chess champions amongst your guests can enjoy a giant game of chess. Roping in others to help them beat their opponent, a bit of healthy competition will keep everyone entertained.

11. Noughts and crosses

See who can outsmart who with a huge version of the classic noughts and crosses. Get your bridesmaids and groomsmen to battle it out to be crowned as the winner.

12. Board games

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There’s nothing better than getting family and friends together over a board game or two. Dig out the old favourites, with everything from Guess Who to Cluedo, sure to go down a treat.

By Sophie Bird

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Wednesday 06 June 2018

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