Saturday 19 January 2019

6 ways to make your day more productive

Whether it's using your commute wisely, establishing a good morning routine or learning to say no, discover six ways to make your day more productive.

If it’s your new year’s resolution to be more productive, there are simple steps you can add in to your daily routine to make your life just that bit more organised.

In this round up sponsored by Stagecoach West, we’ve highlighted six easy ways to help you get more out of your day, whether you’re working in an office, looking to streamline your home life or simply want to get more organised.

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1. Use your commute wisely

With the UK national average commute to work lasting 54 minutes per day, there’s definitely plenty of time that can be put to good use while you get to and from the office.

Getting the bus is not only better for the environment but it also gives you time to do a variety of tasks, from catching up on emails and listening to podcasts, to reading or even learning a new language.

2. Set your alarm earlier

Establishing a good morning routine certainly sets you up on the right foot for the rest of the day. Try setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier to begin with and then aim for 30 minutes – you’ll be amazed what you can achieve in that extra time.

If you can, try to get in the habit of exercising in the morning. Not only is it a good way to kick-start the day but, once you’ve got into the routine, you’ll love the feeling you got from a post-morning gym, run or yoga session, and dare we say it, even enjoy it!

3. Prep your work lunches

Buying lunches, while convenient, quickly adds up and before you know it you’ve spent £25 by the end of the week. If you want to save money and time queueing for sandwiches, prep your work lunches the night before.

Bring in leftovers, make a batch of soup, whip up some salads, or go for a simple sandwich, which is not only healthier but it gives you more time to get some fresh air on your lunch break.

4. Make lists

Whether you keep one on your phone or prefer to have a classic paper diary, a to do list is the perfect way to make sure you keep your daily, weekly and monthly goals on track.

It’s also a good idea to keep your calendar up to date, with a shared diary ideal for couples wanting to make sure you don’t double book, keep up-to-date on children’s activities and work schedules.

5. Remove distractions

Be honest, how much time do you waste on social media? We know it’s a useful tool but before you know it, you’ve fallen down a rabbit’s hole looking at accounts you never intended to.

Consider setting yourself a time limit on how long you spend scrolling on social media or using your phone. If you want a rude awakening, look at your daily screen time to see just how much time you’re spending on your device.

6. Take breaks

If you want your working to day to be more productive then you should think about scheduling in breaks. You’re much more likely to focus on a task if you give it your all for 40 minutes or so and then have a short break.

It’s also good for your health to not sit down staring at a screen for too long at a time, so take the time to make a cup of tea, and stretch your legs before sitting back down at your desk.

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Wednesday 09 January 2019

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