Interview with Barbara Jordan from Jordans Solicitors

SoGlos chats to the founder of Jordans Solicitors, Barbara Jordan, about how the independent Gloucestershire practice can help clients with all matters of family law.

Jordans Solicitors specialises in helping with all issues of family law, spanning divorce, civil partnerships, cohabitation and children, and offers clients a committed, proactive approach to dealing with sensitive issues.

The practice, which has offices in Lydrook and Cheltenham, is headed up by experienced solicitor, Barbara Jordan, who chats to SoGlos about how the business can assist in resolving a range of family law matters.

Are you originally from Gloucestershire?

I grew up in London, but my mother came from Herefordshire and I spent all of my childhood holidays at my grandparents’ cottage near Ross on Wye.

I absolutely loved those holidays as I had so much more freedom running around the countryside than was remotely possible in London.

My husband and I moved to Herefordshire when I was expecting my first child and I have lived on the borders of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire ever since. Nothing, but nothing, would tempt me away.

Can you tell our readers about your training and background?

I went to Sussex University and obtained a BA Hons in Philosophy, and then went on to youth and community work in Brighton for a while.

My husband had, by then, trained as a solicitor and used to talk to me about his work, which I found fascinating.

He took a job in central London and so we had to leave Brighton. It was the right time and place for me to train as a lawyer and so I went to law school at Lancaster Gate, London and ploughed through what was a very intensive training course.

Why did you choose to follow a career in law?

It was just the right thing for me and I then was fortunate enough to find a training contract in a City firm, after which I took work with a large City practice whose clients were mostly big insurance companies and Lloyds of London specialising in professional negligence.

My husband and I left the City when I became pregnant with my first child and we moved to Herefordshire. I have three children and, whilst they were small, I didn’t work, but set up a voluntary advisory service in Ross-on-Wye with a friend, Joyce Thomas, as the Citizens Advice Bureau in Hereford told me that I couldn’t work voluntarily for them as the local law society forbade it.

Why did you decide to set up your own practice and where is it located?

As my children grew up I became itchy to get back to work and opened up my own High Street practice in Ross-on-Wye in July 2017.

Do you specialise in certain type of law?

At that time I was one of only two female lawyers in the town and it was simply assumed that, because of my gender, I would do family work – so I did! My training in general litigation helped and I found I enjoyed the work.

Now most of my work is in divorce, separation, disputes regarding children and co-habitation disputes, but I still undertake some general litigation and professional negligence for claimants, often on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Often my clients are deeply distressed when we meet, but I think that there is some relief to be had as a result of making a decision to address what is often longstanding unhappiness.

You obviously deal with very sensitive matters, how do best approach clients with tact and diplomacy?

I try my best to persuade my clients to look to the future and my main aim is to ensure that, at the end of the day, they can start a new life properly and fairly financially resourced for the future.

Most people only divorce once and the outcome will affect the rest of their lives, so it is of the utmost importance that their affairs are handled with skill and thought, and this is what I seek to offer my clients.

I should say that the cost of divorce, unlike many disputes, should really be seen as an investment in the future. The cost of good representation is not inconsiderable, but as I have said, the result is likely to affect the rest of your life.

Can you tell us about the new solicitor who will be joining the team this autumn?

In September my former husband, Geoffrey Jordan, will be joining me in this practice.

Whilst we are divorced, we remain good friends and he has a thriving practice specialising in commercial property development work. Geoff has, throughout his career, worked in large companies and firms so working along with me will be a change, but I bet it will be a good one!

What do you enjoy most about working as a solicitor?

It really is not unusual for me to meet my clients one or two years after their divorce and find them thriving in their new circumstances, and for me this is just the best thing.

A former client rang me the other day to say that she had just been promoted and was arranging her wedding and said that she wanted to thank me for encouraging her into her new and exciting life and career. Now that was wonderful.

When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing in and around Gloucestershire?

When not working, my favourite occupation is gardening and also visiting all the pretty market towns round and about such as Cirencester, Tetbury, Tewkesbury and, of course, Gloucester and Cheltenham.

What’s the first thing someone should do if they are interested in instructing your services?

If anyone wants to come and see me they should call my PA, Anne, on (01242) 386702 and she will arrange a first free appointment with no obligation.

I like to work with my clients as a team and it is important that, before you choose a lawyer to embark on a life-changing step, you find a solicitor whom you trust and can work with comfortably.

For more information, call Jordans Solicitors on (01242) 386702, email or visit directly.

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Friday 11 August 2017

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