Friday 18 October 2019

30 ways to be more inclusive

Inspired by FestivALL, which encourages and celebrates positivity and inclusion, SoGlos has rounded up 30 ways you can become more inclusive this summer.

It’s good to be kind, and here at SoGlos we’ve been working with The Barnwood Trust and FestivALL, to inspire inclusion across the county throughout July.

FestivALL is a month all about breaking down barriers and uniting communities, regardless of their age, gender, identity, class, sexual orientation, faith, ability, ethnicity and culture.

Barnwood Trust has teamed up with a range of local organisations to bring FestivALL to life. For more details of who’s involved, see

About the sponsor – Barnwood Trust

Barnwood Trust supports people with disabilities and mental health challenges to help create the best possible environment for a positive life.

Following a series of aims, the trust is growing communities by helping people in Gloucestershire to connect to community support networks; shaping homes by assisting with the design and delivery of welcoming and inclusive housing for people, including those with disabilities or mental health challenges; and discovering opportunities by working alongside disabled people to find ways to develop or follow their interests and passions.

For more information see directly.

1. Share a positive story of inclusion with a friend.

2. Ask someone if and how you can help today.

3. Plan a visit to a local green space with friends or neighbours.

4. Chat about what the word ‘inclusion’ means to you.

5. Learn or share a new skill today.

6. Encourage and build up other people all day.

7. Swap a favour with a neighbour.

8. Organise a shared lunch with others.

9. Explore a new hobby, activity or local community group.

10. Champion inclusion wherever you go today.

11. Share a positive story of diversity with a friend.

12. Invite people to go for an inclusive walk.

13. Discover which inclusive charities are local to you.

14. Share a good example of accessibility on social media

15. Explore local activities with a friend and try something new.

16. Think about assumptions today and plan to leave them at the door.

17. Put a welcome card through a new neighbour’s door.

18. Spend the day making other people feel valued.

19. Share ideas for new community groups in your area.

20. Have a conversation with somebody with a communication difference.

21. Share a positive example of inclusion on social media.

22. What can people do to make you feel more welcome? Tell a friend.

23. Write an inclusion statement for your place of work or community group.

24. Explore your local area for new and inclusive groups.

25. Find some time to be in nature.

26. Chat to a friend about what ‘identity’ means to you.

27. How can your community be more welcoming to everyone? Share your thoughts.

28. Share a story of kindness and welcome from Gloucestershire.

29. Explore a local community space. How is it inclusive and accessible?

30. Celebrate inclusion and accessibility today and every day.

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Tuesday 11 June 2019

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