Monday 22 July 2019

12 cocktails you have to try

From delightful daiquiris through to tangy mai tais, nothing starts the party season like a tray of tempting cocktails. Here’s SoGlos's roundup of cocktails you just have to try.

From the first drop of summer sunshine through to festive winter parties, it’s always the right time to indulge in a delicious cocktail. Inspired by the new menu at Cheltenham’s stylish bar The Fire Station, the SoGlos roundup of cocktails you have to try, is sure to give you a few ideas.

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous aperitif or a long drink to sip in the sunshine, you can try all of these tasty tipples for yourself at The Fire Station, whatever the occasion.

For more information visit directly.

1. Mezcal Old Fashioned

Cocktails to try at The Fire Station in Cheltenham

This delicious variation on the classic Old Fashioned is made using 50ml of the Mexican spirit Montelobos Mezcal. This spirit is often confused with tequila, because both are made from agave plants; but in reality, the flavour of a Mezcal is sweeter and sometimes smoky, making it far more distinctive than tequila.

Combining the Mezcal with 15ml of honey water and two dashes of orange bitters provides you with this delicious Old Fashioned that you shouldn’t miss if you visit The Fire Station.

2. Jose Royale

Cocktails to try at The Fire Station in Cheltenham

This sharp and refreshing cocktail is perfect for fans of Tequila.
Combining 40ml of El Jimador Tequila with 20ml lime juice, 20ml sugar water and topped with delicious fizz, this Fire Station favourite is a popular flavour combination.

There’s even the option to create a sweet or dry finish depending on your palette. Top with Champagne for a drier finish or pick Prosecco if you have more of a sweet tooth.

3. The Ultimate Piña Colada

If you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain, (sorry, we couldn’t resist!) you’ll adore The Fire Station’s take on this champion of the cocktail world.
Served in a coconut cream can and garnished with a juicy slice of fresh pineapple, the Ultimate Piña Colada combines coconut rum with coconut cream, pineapple juice and lime juice.

It’s such a highly guarded secret at The Fire Station, they wouldn’t even tell us the measurements – you’ll have to visit in person to try this perfect Piña in all its glory!

4. Elvis

Elvis may have left the building, but he’s returned to The Fire Station in the form of this exclusive drink – a must-try for gin fans.

Mixing 50ml of Beefeater Gin with 20ml of elderflower, 40ml of grapefruit and topped with The Fire Station’s very own ale, this tangy combination is incredibly refreshing all year round.

Despite stocking a huge number of gins in its collection, The Fire Station says Beefeater Gin is the best for cocktails, no matter what the experts say! Why not give the Elvis a try and let them know if they’re right!

5. Cotswold Rose

Cocktails to try at The Fire Station in Cheltenham

We know very little about this cocktail, other than it’s only available at The Fire Station. This exclusive mix has to be tasted for yourself.

Intrigued? So are we!

6. Summer of 1906

Cocktails to try at The Fire Station in Cheltenham

If it’s anything as good as the summer of 2018 was, the Summer of 1906 cocktail will be one to remember!

This incredible blend of 40ml of gin, 20ml of homemade raspberry syrup, 10ml of lemon juice, six to eight mint leaves, and soda water make this botanical cocktail sweet, sharp and so refreshing.

7. English Summer Mocktail

Cocktails to try at The Fire Station in Cheltenham

The Fire Station doesn’t just specialise in alcoholic cocktails, offering some amazing mocktails, too.

The English Summer blends homemade rhubarb syrup with lemon juice, apple juice and classic tonic water to create the perfect embodiment of the fresh and fruity flavours of the Cotswold countryside, but it’s fruity

Exclusive to the Fire Station, this mocktail is an absolute delight to drink, and comes with the bonus of no added headaches!

8. Tommy’s Margarita

Cocktails to try at The Fire Station in Cheltenham

This is the Margarita for hardcore fans of those renowned Mexican flavours.

Combining 60ml of El Jimador Tequila with 10ml of pure agave syrup (the plant that tequila is made from) alongside 15ml of lime juice, this cocktail isn’t for the faint-hearted, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious!

9. French 75

Cocktails to try at The Fire Station in Cheltenham

With gin now in the height of its popularity, the French 75 cocktail is a great option for gin lovers looking to try combinations of different botanicals, flavours and garnishes.

Combining 50ml of dry gin with 20ml of sugar water, 25ml of lemon juice and topped with 100ml of champagne into a large glass, this long drink is a delicious alternative to a simple G&T.

10. Straight Up Daiquiri

Cocktails to try at The Fire Station in Cheltenham

Served in a stemmed glass, this rum based favourite mixes 50ml of Havana three-year rum with 20ml of lime juice and 15ml of sugar water, for a no-frills favourite that needs no introduction.

11. Planters Punch

Cocktails to try at The Fire Station in Cheltenham

Perhaps one of the most ornate cocktail recipes on offer at The Fire Station, Planters Punch combines 50ml of dark rum with 10ml of lemon, 30ml of orange, 5ml of grenadine, two dashes of bitters and 15ml of falernum – which is a sweet, spiced syrup often flavoured with almond, ginger and lime.

The drink is garnished with nutmeg for an incredibly flavourful sensation, mixing sweetness with spice and warmth – an ideal winter warmer.

12. Mojito

Jason Davies, general manager of The Fire Station says: ‘If a bartender is ‘too good’ to make you a mojito, you’re too good to drink in their bar. This is one of the best drinks around, so don’t let them forget it!’

In line with this advice, it seems only right to feature The Fire Station’s signature Mojito. Combining 50ml of Havana three-year rum with 20ml of lime, 20ml sugar water, 15ml soda water and 10 mint leaves, this drink is served over crushed ice.

The dilution in a mojito is very important, so crushed ice is essential. Another top tip is to ditch the soda water. The flavour is better without, but it makes the cocktail inevitably stronger!

By Melissa Hamblett

© SoGlos
Monday 10 September 2018

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